Emir Hermono VVYND Erik Soto "Next To Me" Single Review
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Emir Hermono Infuses Dancehall R&B Beats on “Next To Me” Featuring VVYND & Erik Soto

Looking for a great R&B banger? Look no further, because our very own Emir Hermono got it all locked down with his latest release “Next To Me”. Emir is no stranger to Indonesia’s R&B/lo-fi hip hop scene since he debuted album “Songs About Her” back in 2015. Since then, he has collaborated with plenty of producers, singers, rappers, and many musicians. For “Next To Me”, he recruited the help of Kevin Wiyarnanda or also known as VVYND to fill in some verses in this song. The smooth sultry instrument that opens this song turns into a dancehall anthem once the beat starts kicking in. The musician infuses dancehall/reggaeton beats as its base, with a very subtle arrangement to it so it doesn’t sound like any other moombahton tracks out there.

It is blended well with the R&B traditional clap and snare approach. VVYND’s honey-like voice hit us since the beginning and his tone is of the same color of Jay Sean (R&B oldies might have known this singer very well, he was huge back in the days). On the next verse, Reonaldi Jessup or famously known as Erik Soto gives another layer to the vocal with a lower register. Both vocals work together to create layers and context to the song which if not treated well, could turn into a generic R&B song. If you love Drake’s “One Dance”, there is a high chance that you will like this track.

Emir Hermono VVYND Erik Soto "Next To Me" Single Review
“Next To Me” artwork

What we could sum up from this song is how polarizing it is. Considering that this track talks about a relationship and the lyrics get all sentimental, the upbeat dancehall rhythm will make you dance instead of shed a tear.  “Next To Me” also incorporates some floating synths that can be found throughout the song. Somehow, Emir Hermono manages to blend all these seemingly different elements well. This track might not grow on you on first listen, but it has a potential that will get you hooked. Moreover, you can also enjoy the track in its lyrics video which was made by Indonation. “Next To Me” is out on digital platforms and you can also listen to it below. Get lost in your feelings and dance at the same time with this song!