Sum 41 Out For Blood Order In Decline Album
Credit: Ashly Osborn
Sum 41 Announce 7th LP “Order In Decline”, Slated To Be Out in July

It seems like 2019 is packed with many reunions and comebacks from the veterans. After Angel and Airwaves revealed their single via RISE Records and announced a world tour, it is time for another veteran rock band Sum 41 to do the same. Not just a single, the band which is comprised of Derrick Whibley, Dave Brownsound, Tom Thacker, Cone McCaslin, and Frank Zummo will be releasing their seventh full-length album called “Order In Decline” this July. For more than two decades, Sum 41 have been kinda active and inactive on the music scene. In 2016, they announced a reunion with an album “13 Voices” as a follow-up. It gave them an opportunity to tour across the world in the past three years, while at the same time maintaining their commitment to do another record. “Order In Decline” is said to be Sum 41’s most dynamic and raw album to date. In between their hectic tour schedule, Sum 41 managed to squeeze in recording sessions for this album!

Sum 41 Out For Blood Order In Decline Album
Album Artwork

Derrick Whibley was composing most of the record in this album while he was back home. In the lyrics department, Whibley was heavily influenced by social and political issues happening both in the United States and Canada, where he currently lives. However, he emphasized that this record isn’t about political protest like you may assume from the aforementioned information. “The last thing I wanted to do was write a social or political protest record, and ‘Order In Decline’ is not that,” he explains. Rather than protesting the current issues about racism, hatred, and pervasive division, Whibley tries to express his deepest and most personal feelings and reaction about the turmoils. Whibley also does the heavy lifting of producing, engineering, mixing, fine-tuning the records with the help of his bandmates. It is great to hear that this band has been resurrected to death after Whibley battled the aftermath of lengthy drug abuse a few years ago and now he flourishes with more music for us!

Simultaneously released with their album announcement is the unveiling of their latest single and music video for “Out For Blood”. It is by far, one of the most heart-pumping Sum 41 track we ever heard. Whibley managed to pull off the lyrics that portray his pessimism and rage into one song without being too cliché. Not to mention all the instruments play a part in making our heads band relentlessly! If this is what’s coming from “Order In Decline”, then we definitely want more. Check out the complete tracklist of the album and pre-order before it’s out via Hopeless Records on July 19th.

‘Order In Decline’ Tracklist:
1. Turning Away
2. Out For Blood
3. The New Sensation
4. A Death In The Family
5. Heads Will Roll
6. 45 (A Matter Of Time)
7. Never There
8. Eat You Alive
9. The People Vs…
10. Catching Fire