Dekat Comedy Music VideoMove Your Body with Dekat’s Video for “Comedy”

Dekat’s latest album “Numbers” can be said as a melting pot of various musical genres and they don’t joke around by incorporating influences that are merrier as the track goes by. The trio comprised of Kamga, Chevrina, and Tata has once again joined forces with Mukalima to present their visual take of single “Comedy”. The song is a tad more upbeat than their previous single “John Cena” and judging by the whole atmosphere, you will imagine yourself partying it up in Kingston, Jamaica one “Comedy” is played. Yup, Dekat infuses dancehall and reggaeton beats as the foundation of this song. Other than that, you can listen to dramatic strings opening this song with Chevrina’s powerful vocal that leads us to the hook sung by Kamga. “Comedy” enables Tata to spit out some of the tightest rhymes and bars in the album. Syllables after syllables were rapped without Tata catching a noticeable breath. The dancehall fiesta is slowed down in the middle to spotlight Chevrina’s bridge with the usual R&B’s conventional beats before it returns to its original reggae glory. What we like about “Comedy” is how Kamga uses a little Jamaican accent while singing his verse. Putting aside the ‘cultural appropriation’ debate, that hook is infectious and belongs to your workout playlist! This song is like a lovechild between Wisin Y Yandel and Jessie J.

So now, can we talk about a horrendous subtitle and a lame CGI? Because the music video of “Comedy” has it all and it is intended. Starting as an inside joke between Mukalima and the members of Dekat who openly admit watching dangdut videos on Youtube, they developed a concept of putting bad subtitles over their song. Voila, the music video was born on 19 April 2019 and it lives up to its title. Donning a wardrobe that could easily become a fashion stylist’s nightmare, Dekat gets playful and channel their inner dangdut divas on this video. Even though it is the fifth times that Mukalima and Dekat collaborate, each of their projects seems to possess distinct charm including this one.  Your love? Comedy. My pride? Comedy. The best website you’ve ever found on the internet? The Display. Kidding. Go watch the visual of “Comedy” on their Youtube channel below and read the subtitles closely if you have spare time.

Writer: Novita Widia