Y: Collect 3.0 RUCI Art Gallery
The opening of Exhibition
Y: Collect 3.0 Showcases Collectors’ Various Art Possession

JAKARTA – Showcasing the works from artist might be the general idea of what an exhibition is. However, through RUCI Art Gallery‘s biannual exhibition called Y: Collect 3.0, the visitors could preview the art collection from other actors in the art scene such as collectors, gallerists, institutions, curators, dealers, artists, and multi-heads. Art collecting has existed as long as the art itself, and through this exhibition curated by Grace Samboh, we could take a closer look at the reasoning or motives behind collecting certain art piece. One would simply look past the reason why people bought this piece or why a particular artwork could resonate in one’s mind. Y: Collect 3.0 enabled us to acknowledge, understand, and be inspired by these collectors. Starting from 22 March 2019, we could see the possessions of artwork from Biantoro Santoso, Galeri Soemardja, Mikke Susanto, Nasirun, OHD Museum, Rismiliana Wijayanti, and Wiyu Wahono. Their collections range from paintings, sculptures, photographs, artifacts, and various forms of art in multiple mediums.

Y: Collect 3.0 RUCI Art Gallery
In the collection of Soemardja Gallery

The works from Ay Tjoe Christine, Bunga Jeruk, Dolorosa Sinaga, Emiria Soenassa, Grup 18, IGAK Murniarsih, Lucia Hartini, Maria Indriasari, Mie Cornoedus, Natasha Abigail Koetin, Nunung WS, Rita Widagdo, Sinta Tantra, Tintin Wulia, Tridjoto Abdullah, up to Umi Dachlan are available to be witnessed during this exhibition which lasts until April 28th, 2019. The works were obtained from Indonesia’s independence era until modern times. They are selected from a variety of collection coming from different actors of the art ecosystem to assure there are a continuation and great sustainability in Indonesia’s art environment. It also acts as a testament that the current art is a determinant of the future.  For example, Nasirun can be viewed as a hoarder/savior of unwanted things in the art world, such as sketches, unfinished works, sculptural models made by stones, photographs, letters, old documents, etc. Much like the objects from his daily routine, Nasirun’s collection began from things that are generally not considered as ‘a completed fine art object’.

While dealer Biantoro Santoso stated that one must like what one buys, what one keeps, what one collects. In the case of Biantoro Santoso, Grace Samboh stated that an understanding of his possession and position as the owner of an interior design consultancy and a gallery enables him to work closely with the artisanal and craftsmanship aspect of production studios. From the various collection being presented during the exhibition, some works caught our attention like “Not Made of Plastic” artwork from Mie Cornodeus which belongs to Rismilliana WIjayanti. Moreover, RUCI Art Gallery stated that by continuously seeking out the people motives in arts, they hope that the audience could unravel the how’s in starting and developing an art collection and learn about the motives of this interest as well. Don’t miss the chance to see the exhibition while it lasts!

Y: Collect 3.0 RUCI Art Gallery
Mie Cornodeus, Not Made of Plastic, 2012 (Digital print on Alludibond) 150 x 61 cm
In the collection of Rismilliana WIjayanti

Reporter: Intan Maharani/Editor: Novita Widia