UWRF 2019 KARMAAnnouncing UWRF 2019’s Theme, “KARMA”!

Karma has always been misinterpreted as a consequence of someone’s wrongdoings in the past. However, the Hindu’s philosophy actually covers a wider range of thoughts where the cycle of consequences starts from past lives, exists in present lives, and affects our future. Bringing “Karma” as its theme for this year’s edition, Ubud Writers & Readers Festival aim to share stories and ideas. For Balinese Hindus, Karma Phala is the spiritual principle that each action has a consequence equal in force, and similar in form. “Karma Phala nak cicih” describes the belief; cicih means certain and swift. “As actions in their previous life affect their present, and deeds committed in the present affect their future, Balinese Hindus are aware their fate is not divine in origin, but in their own hands,” commented UWRF Founder & Director Janet DeNeefe. UWRF 2019 will explore the impacts of our personal and collective actions on our social and physical environments.

UWRF 2019 Emerging Writers

The compelling conversations between literary luminaries, emerging writers, and leading journalists will ask whether we truly understand the consequences of our actions, and how we can best respond to the actions of others. “Last year’s theme, Jagadhita: The World We Create, was an important reminder that harmony with others should be one of life’s primary goals,” DeNeefe continued. “At a time when the consequences of climate change are impossible to ignore, and world leaders continue to evade responsibility, we’ll ask what Karma looks like in 2019, and consider the tensions that emerge when we don’t look it squarely in the face. As the festival has reached its 16th edition, Janet DeNeefe uttered that the festival will celebrate literary figures, artists, and activists across Indonesia and beyond who are deeply aware of the consequences of their actions. The festival will happen for 5 consecutive days from 23 – 27 October 2019. As the selection for emerging writers has been closed, the announcement will be made in May. Stay tuned for more info and head to their website to get the latest update!

Photos: Yayasan Saraswati/UWRF