H.E.R. Stunned with A Performance on Java Jazz 2019H.E.R. Stunned with A Performance on Java Jazz Festival 2019

JAKARTA (3/1) – No one expected this coming, but holy, were we surprised when tens of young girls started to run into BNI Hall where H.E.R. was slated to perform. The musician/multi-instrumentalist/singer/performer whose real name is Gabriella Wilson greeted Jakarta’s audience for the first time on BNI Java Jazz Festival 2019. As a special show, the attendees must purchase a separate ticket to enter the stage and her performance. However, that didn’t hinder the fact that the venue was packed with people who could not wait to see H.E.R. perform. Accompanied by two back-up singers, and a drummer, H.E.R entered the stage by playing an acoustic guitar. She sang “Carried Away” taken from her critically acclaimed EP “I Used To Know Her Part 2” with such eloquence. H.E.R. harmonized with her back-up singers who grooved along to the tunes and hyped up the crowd. Wearing an all-black ensemble with neon pink sneakers, H.E.R. strutted her musical skills on the opening number. She played the drum pad as well as thumped the bass, which such poise that drove her fans even wilder.

“2” became the number two (get it?) song on her setlist, further heightening the scream from the crowd who has stood up from their seats and decided to ditch the chairs altogether. The Grammy Award winner kept giving stunning performances until her set was finished. She also performed her collaboration song with Daniel Caesar, “Best Part”. The funny thing was, Caesar was last year’s performer on Java Jazz 2018. Somehow, these two collaborators got the chance to sing this song separately. Moreover, her hit songs including “Focus”, “Changes”, or “I’m Not OK” were also sung that night. She managed to sing wholeheartedly and kept a lively interaction throughout the set. We now totally get why H.E.R. got so much love and support from Indonesian fans as well as music heavyweights. She is that good!

H.E.R. Stunned with A Performance on Java Jazz 2019

Reporter/Documentation: Novita Widia