lightcraft Home And The Morning Comes Too Soon SingleA Stream of Pulsating Melodies from lightcraft’s Newest Singles

lightcraft, an atmospheric indie rock band hailing from Jakarta has teased us with their new materials since last year. Their single “Walk On Fire” was released back in May 2018, showing the band’s latest fixation on elements. Just when we predicted that they were gonna come up with another single with elemental names on it like ‘earth’ or ‘air’, lightcraft spent the rest of 2018 without releasing new materials. Welcoming 2019, they were suddenly back to life after their hibernation with the announcement of their upcoming album called “Us Is All”. Without wasting any more time, prior to the album release, they pampered us with not one, but two new singles within one week. First off, they released a collaboration single with Ananda Badudu titled “Home”. They maintain their consistency in building an atmospheric nuance on their song by utilizing various musical instruments like synths and light drums. Ananda Badudu’s voice acts as a backing vocal to Imam’s higher vocal register. The result is somehow balanced, but we wish to hear a clearer and more apparent voice of Ananda Badudu on this song. Imam and Ananda Badudu’s vocals are very different, so we understand why they took this approach to blend both characteristics into one song.

“Home” talks about the longing of ‘home’ when one’s physical is actually at home. Imam who wrote this song explained that the meaning of home in this song can be interpreted quite literally or metaphorically. The message it bears attracted Ananda Badudu who shared a similar sentiment. The music video which was directed by Rocky Ferico was also released on the same day, showing all the members of lightcraft and Ananda Badudu searching or finding their own meanings of home. It was shot in this earthy tones that add warmth to the overall tune. This was also the first time hearing Ananda Badudu singing English verses, instead of Bahasa Indonesia like he used to do with Banda Neira or previous collaborations.

Less than a week, lightcraft surprised us with a collaboration with Neonomora titled “…And The Morning Comes Too Soon”. First of all, Neonomora is known as an electronic musician. Her name might be the least possible artist that lightcraft might collaborate with, but we are dead wrong for that. The soloist whose real name is Ratih Suryahutamy lends her delicate but strong vocals to the song which opens with haunting piano. Proceeded with Imam’s voice on the first verse, Neonomora then follows afterward on the second verse. The song has various appeals as it unrolls. We heard a sound of accordion which was played by Rivelino Ismaya. This song might go well by itself without the accordion, thought its addition gives off a Scandinavian appeal to the song. Both vocals then harmonize well until the end, with Neonomora singing above the original melody. A string of pulsating synths then closes out this song, wrapping up the dynamics which was delivered earlier.lightcraft Home And The Morning Comes Too Soon Single

lightcraft is currently touring across Japan with scheduled appearances starting from yesterday, 9 February 2019 until 16 February 2019. They were invited to a festival called Sakurazaka Asylum 2019 in Naha, Okinawa. Afterward, they will play in several places in Tokyo and Kyoto before heading ‘home’ (get the pun?). Enjoy both “Home” and “…And The Morning Comes Too Soon” on your favorite digital streaming services.lightcraft Home And The Morning Comes Too Soon Single