Ben Sihombing Wajah Cerita SIngleBen Sihombing Tells You To Mind Your Own Business with “Wajah Cerita”

People oftentimes use their big amount of time to take care of someone else’s business rather than their own. The annoying habit doesn’t only affect themselves, but also those who become their prey. Sadly, this phenomenon happens all the time in Indonesia and soloist Ben Sihombing knows it too well. He has just released a new single called “Wajah Cerita” on digital streaming services. This song becomes a new territory for him since previously he only released love-themed songs. “Set Me Free”, “Sama Sama Menunggu”, and his collaboration with girlfriend Cindercella on <3 all tell about romance. “Wajah Cerita” becomes the song that sees Ben Sihombing explore the theme of life and its perspective. How easy people to judge someone else’s choice in life and how easy we are affected by it becomes the center topic of this song. “I want to say that you should have taken care of your own business, and I take care of mine too. Our lives matter. But I do it in a subtle way through this song,” said Ben Sihombing, who is also known as the brother of singer Petra Sihombing.

If you take a listen to the song and finds a similarity to Petra’s records, you hear it right because the song was produced by Ben’s own brother. Ben admitted that this song becomes the deepest and most thoughtful song for him that he wrote during the lowest point of his life. “I wrote it during the lowest period of my life back then. After three years, I feel the same way again. Life’s just like a rolling wheel, sometimes you are on top, sometimes you’re on the bottom. The song reminds us wherever we might be in life, the most important thing how we perceive ourselves,” continued Ben. The most interesting thing that catches your eye for the first time is the artwork for “Wajah Cerita”. It shows a naked Ben Sihombing with all his flaws and strength, of course with a blurred out intimate part. On the contrary of the controversial cover, the song has a lightness and sweetness to it. If you want to see this artwork comes to life, then watch its music video directed by Gilbert March via E-Motion Entertainment’s Youtube channel below.