Downbeat Milky Way Music VideoLet’s Set The Bedroom Mood on Fire with “Milky Way” by Downbeat

Well, just in time for the rainy season, Downbeat revealed the music video for single “Milky Way”. Some of you might be unfamiliar with the band even though they have been around since 2014. That’s perfectly okay because they have just debuted with an original work with this single. Wulan Azhar (vocal), Wendy Tian Sunarto (bass), Utasya Oktavhitri (drum), and Bella Visogi (keyboard) from Downbeat started their career as a professional band for wedding or café. “Milky Way” enabled them to re-discover their hidden talents of composing a song rather than remixing the old ones. When we said that this song is perfect for the rainy season, we mean in a way that it could become the perfect soundtrack for your cuddling session.

It tells the story about a one-night stand gone wrong. When two strangers have agreed to do it, and one of them ended up catching feelings, it must be a terrible one to have. The song started off with electronic beats and instrumental, before going to their original roots which are a combination of soul, R&B, pop, and jazz. Wulan’s vocal pierces through the song easily and we hear some modulations which are a rare sight nowadays. With a clearer pronunciation, this song might have been perfect and more understandable.

Downbeat Milky Way Music Video
Video of Milky Way

Released digitally on 24 December 2018 on various streaming services, the single caught the attention of director Prialangga. The two then collaborated to create a music video. Dominated by a monochromatic tone with gray and black color schemes, the video is the fruit of Prialangga’s interpretation of the song. “The video tries to represent the meaning of the single. But, the female character on this video actually made love to a twin. This woman then felt confused and unsure which one of them actually gave her the ultimate joy,” explained Prialangga. The gorgeous video makes us feel some types of way and it captures sensuality in an elegant way. With the release of this “Milky Way” music video, we can’t wait to listen to more Downbeat’s works in the future. They promise to release an upcoming EP this year and more singles are in the works. Enjoy the music video for “Milky Way” below and get ready to set your bedroom mood on fire.