Mooikite Tour East Java The Best of Tour
Ryan Ka
Mooikite to Embark On East Java Tour in First Trimester of 2019

Surabaya’s crossover unit, Mooikite, has been in the music game for quite some time. Having been established in 2007 by its founder and the only member then, Ryan Ka, Mooikite has presented us music that combines a little bit of grunge, garage, alternative, and rock. Ryan Ka isn’t alone anymore, as Mooikite’s new member, Alo, was announced as its latest addition. Alo is known as a beatmaker for two bands from Malang which are Ajer, and Sarajevo. He is also known as the owner of an independent record label, Barongsai Records. In October 2018, the band revealed “The Best Of” album. Earlier this year, starting from February to March, Mooikite plans to embark on a tour across East Java. Celebrating its eleventh year as Mooikite, Ryan Ka aims to make simple beats and melodies using two instruments he knows so well, guitar and drums. “The Best Of” album becomes the sixth release from Mooikite after their 3 EPs,, and 2 LP. Mooikite has been actively participating on compilations album like “Brotherz Stairway”, “SUB/SIDE Compilation vol.1”, and “Kompilasi Komplikasi” among many others.

Mooikite Tour East Java The Best of Tour
Tour dates

They plan to go on tour starting from Banyuwangi on February 15th, 2019. From there, they will stop by Jember, Ponorogo, Tulungagung, Lamongan, Gresik, Sidoarjo, and Malang. More about their album, Ryan Ka said, “I want to make it simple as it can. But, I also put small details in the sound just to make it sounds complex.” By hitting the road, Mooikite aims to spread their music even further to the music enthusiasts in East Java. For their live format, Alo will take place as the drummer while Ryan Ka will play the guitar and sing. Through a press release, they stated that these 8 tour stops will be added with more cities if opportunities arrive in the future. You can also purchase their official tour merchandise which is a T-shirt that is designed by Bagus Satya. In the meantime, enjoy “The Best Of” album from Mooikite as well as their old discography on their official Youtube channel or Spotify. Check out their Instagram @mooikite for the latest update and information about their merch!