GELORANADA Grooves On A PlateSpend Your Valentine’s Day with Groove through “GELORANADA”

JAKARTA (1/19) – Monday night is usually filled with lots of sighs and disappointment, so how about getting your groove on to let loose all that stress? GELORANADA, a musical event which has just been established this year will guarantee to make your February 4th groovier. The event which aims to appreciate and showcase the finest Indonesian musicians will hold its first edition next month. Among various music festivals and concerts that put foreign artists on a pedestal, GELORANADA was created to prove that our musicians are not lesser or worse than the foreign ones. Using “Grooves On A Plate” as its tagline, the guest stars of this event will make your body moves unconsciously with their music. The confirmed list includes Maliq & D’Essentials, RAN, Teza Sumendra and Diskoria. Maliq & D’essentials are no stranger to groovy music as they often incorporate upbeat jazz or swing tunes to their music. They even added dangdut elements in one of their song that becomes the song that you can dance to during their concerts.

RAN is also known as a groove machine since they debuted with “Pandangan Pertama”. Rayi’s rap combined with Nino’s soulful voice and Asta’s eclectic guitar pick never fails to set us in the mood for dancing. Teza Sumendra became a household name after he released his critically acclaimed self-titled debut album. The singer isn’t shy to bring out the best sultry and sexy vibe to his songs and performances. While the last and youngest name to be announced is Diskoria. The tune spinners duo hailing from Jakarta is known to play some soulful renditions on their turntables. The event will be held at The Pallas, SCBD, Jakarta on February 4th, 2019. The tickets for this event has been on sale starting from IDR250,000 for its presale and IDR350,000 for the normal price which you can purchase through BookMyShow. GELORANADA won’t stop on its first edition, as they promise to bring more thematic concerts in the future. Do not miss its latest update by following them on Instagram @geloranada.