How To Train Your Dragon Hidden World ReviewReview: How To Train Your Dragon: Hidden World Offers A Sweet Closure to the Franchise

We never thought that “How To Train Your Dragon” would have spanned until reaching its third edition. But here we are with the latest film of the franchise called “How To Train Your Dragon: Hidden World”. After Hiccup convinced the Vikings of Berk to adopt and embrace dragons, they live alongside the magical creatures pretty well. Hiccup led a small group of warriors with Astrid, Tuffnut, Ruffnut, and many more to raid pirates who trade dragons. In one of their attempt to free the dragons, a female night fury showed up. After the mission was done, Hiccup had to face two problems. There were no more spaces for dragons in Berk, and the pirates were not happy about their loss and planned a revenge to steal all the dragons at Berk including Toothless who was known as the alpha. They hired Grimmel, a night fury hunter who was famous for killing the species until there were only two left in the wild. As the chief, Hiccup must find a solution for these two problems or else, there would be no more Berk or dragons.

How To Train Your Dragon Hidden World ReviewThose who haven’t watched two previous series must have felt slight confusion because some recurring characters didn’t even bother to introduce themselves. The plot of the movie was pretty enjoyable with some unpredictable twists thrown in the mix. We were introduced to Toothless’ potential mate which is a light fury, a night fury but in white. They were soooo adorable together, and we got to see Toothless’ never before seen romantic side. This movie might be the most romantic one from the franchise as it also shows a stronger relationship between Astrid and Hiccup as well as Toothless and Light Fury. The light humor which is thrown in between made us giddy in joy. Per usual, it is not a great animation movie without some moral of the story. This movie has plenty and you will find yourself become a hopeless romantic and a believer once it finishes. Watch the movie as it is still shown in theaters across Indonesia!

Documentation: Universal Pictures/ Reviewer: Novita Widia