Lalala Fest 2019 Pre Event
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Lalala Fest 2019 Held a Festive Pre-Event Last December! – DISKORIA, PROJECT POP, AND MORE ADDED TO FINAL LINE-up

BANDUNG – Before the celebration for Lalala Fest 2019 commence on February, The Group as the organizer held an official pre-event. The road to the main event was held last December on the 30th at KIRI Social Bar, Bandung. As the anticipation for this forest festival in Bandung is building up, Lalala Festival reveals their first official teaser during the night as well as announcing their final local line-up. The tunes from Diskopantera, RBA, and Peppermint accompanied the attendees who were present that night. “Through this LaLaLa Festival 2019’s Official Trailer we’d like to deliver a message that diversity is something that we embrace. No matter where you come from, what your nationality is, what music you listen to, which outfit you love to wear, LaLaLa Festival has a place for you!,” said Carmel Puma, CEO of THE Group. Judging by the teaser, a futuristic theme seems to be the one they’re going for this year. There are also some additions from Indonesian talented musicians. It was announced that Project Pop, Diskoria, Svmmerdoze, Gabriel Mayo, and Club Dangdut Racun will join Ardhito Pramono, Fourtwnty, and Sheila On 7 on Lalala Fest 2019.

Lalala Fest 2019 Pre EventOn the same day, some selected local acts that have submitted their works through #YouSingLalala program were also announced. “This is what we mean by saying that LaLaLa festival is a festival for everyone, not only for the visitors but also for the performers. Each year we always give our best spot for the local performers. Fifteen chosen names have been up for good, and they will be expected to compete in the next round to share the stage with all of their favorite performers,” added Carmel Puma. This list will be slimmed down once again until three or four performers that will have the honor of performer alongside some biggest names in music like Years & Years, The Internet, HONNE, and Crush. The fans of this local line-up will have to vote hard, so they will have a chance to perform at Cikole, Lembang, Bandung next month. For the latest update and information regarding the event, you can follow their social media @lalala.fest or access their official website. Don’t forget to purchase your tickets while it lasts!