Boy Pablo Lokatara Festival 2018 Report
Boy Pablo
Boy Pablo Successfully Nailed His Performance on Lokatara Fest!

JAKARTA (11/23) – Last Friday could be one of our most well-spent Saturday night because we attended Lokatara Festival 2018. Taking place at Kuningan City Ballroom, a slew of local and international musicians performed their rendition upon enthusiastic cheer from the crowd. The musicians that were invited are those whose music was often made headlines on Youtube or Spotify in the past year. Lokatara, an event organizer based in Jakarta, managed to invite several hot names in independent music like Boy Pablo, Mellow Fellow, Ricewine, Yung Heazy, Ardhito Pramono, Barefood, Dream Coterie, Horse Planet Police, Department, Mondo Gascaro, Pijar, Polka Wars, as well as The Trees and The Wild. Hundreds of people have swarmed to the stage since the afternoon. Unlike previous Lokatara’s gig that only paid attention to the music, Lokatara Festival enabled the attendees to feel an actual festival experience through various engagements and interactive booths. People could join a karaoke session, watched movies, saw an art exhibition, and joined the live mural. These programs could be made possible with the help of GoAheadPeople who provided various contents throughout the festival.

Boy Pablo Lokatara Festival 2018 Report
Mellow Fellow

There were two stages available, Lokatara Stage and GoAhead Challenge Experience Booth. On GoAheadChallenge Experience Booth, you could see performances from toRa, Garhana, Bilal Indrajaya, Pamungkas, and Pemuda Sinarmas. Started at 14.30 in the afternoon, the event had some problems during its celebration. It affected the whole rundown that is held until past midnight when it was supposed to be finished by then. Albeit the setback, all the performers gave their best including Mondo Gascaro, The Trees and The Wild, and Polka Wars. Yung Heazy presented an attractive showmanship on stage by playing his guitar and interacting with the crowd. Philippines’ native, Mellow Fellow, put on a party hat and took the crowd to sing along with him. Among the crowd, we could see a presence of David Bayu who is no other than NAIF’s frontman. David who came with his family said that he wanted to watch Boy Pablo’s performance. Thus, he and thousand others were impatiently waiting from Boy Pablo to come out.

Taking initiatives to sing “Feeling Lonely” and chanted “Boy Pablo… Boy Pablo… Boy Pablo…” while waiting for the 19-year-old musician to come out, the crowd was pretty let down with the delay. On 12.30 AM, the Norwegian musician took the stage and sang “Dance, Baby!” as his first song. All the delay and waiting were finally satisfied with Boy Pablo’s interactive, fun, and lively performance. Wearing casual t-shirt and shorts, Boy Pablo and his bandmates even took their time to line-up on stage and dance adorably. As if it wasn’t enough, he continued to impress us with his singing until the set was closed out with “Feeling Lonely”. The song became an anthemic tune that everyone sang out loud to that night. Hopefully, Lokatara’s next event will be better organized and more exciting. Who would you want to see next?

Reporter & Documentation: Narisha Zulkarnain/Translated & Edited by: Novita Widia