Lokatara Fest 2018 Line Up
Boy Pablo
Lokatara Fest 2018 Will Be Held This Weekend – See The Performers Here!

(JAKARTA) – If you live under a rock, we would like to inform you that an indie music festival called Lokatara Fest (Lokatara Music Festival) is about to be held this weekend. On November 23rd, at Kuningan City Ballroom, the festival will host four international musicians and 14 local musicians. There will be performances from Boy Pablo, Mellow Fellow, Rice Wine and Yung Heazy from the international line-up. Boy Pablo has gained attention after he released his single called “Flowers” in 2016. The Norwegian-born musician then continued to release gems with his EP “Roy Pablo” (2017) and followed by his latest full album “Soy Pablo” in 2018. Mellow Fellow is a band hailing from the Philippines. The jazz musician whose real name is Ralph Lawrence “Polo” Reyes, stunned the music industry when he released “How Was Your Day?”. It garnered over 5 million streams on Spotify alone. A one-man band that performs under the name Yung Heazy also attracted conversations with his songs and albums. Last but not least, there is Rice Wine, a project initiated by Talae Rodden will perform his songs that make you contemplate about life.

Lokatara Fest 2018 Line UpThe celebration is not complete without the stages from Ardhito Pramono, Barefood, Dream Coterie, Horse Planet, Police Department, Mondo Gascaro, Pijar, Polka Wars, and The Trees and The Wild. These names must be familiar for those who love to follow the indie music scene in Indonesia. Each of this musician offers different genres starting from jazz, indie rock, dream pop, indie pop, Indonesiana, folk, Britpop, shoegaze, post-rock and many more. This event is held by several university students that aim to satisfy the demand of music enthusiasts for an independent music festival. Previously, Lokatara has held several events in some separate occasions like Lokatara Project and Lokatara Live. Each of these sub-events has its own concept, where Lokatara Live has a purpose to hold an intimate solo concert of several foreign musicians while Lokatara Project is combining several local musicians in concerts held in Jakarta and Bandung. The tickets for Lokatara Fest 2018 has been on sale through movintix.com and you’d better cop it because this Friday is a guaranteed fun!