RUCI Art Wall (RAW) Vol.1 ExhibitionNew Faces, New Talents Shown on RUCI Art Wall Vol.1

JAKARTA – RUCI Art Space’s vision to provide a space for artists and the public to develop, experiment and transform ideas just got realized through its first annual program called RUCI Art Wall (RAW). The first installment of this series aims to nurture and develop the artistic interest of young artists of Indonesia whose works are yet to be shown or explored. Through a submission process, 5 young artists were chosen to showcase their works from 11 – 25 November 2018. They are Ella Wijt, Igi Anjangbiani, Yosefa Aulia, Mira Rizki, and Nadira Julia. Through RUCI Art Wall: RAW Vol. 1, there is no specific concept or theme applied to the exhibition, so the artists were given freedom to transform whatever they have in mind to various mediums of art. Ella Wijt showcases her works which drive inspirations from memories, possibilities, and womanhood. Oftentimes, you will find her favorite object which is stairs, put on various works in 2D or 3D format. Ella, who has received a scholarship and residencies has held various independent art shows, is using this chance to put her ideas on the artworks that we could witness on RUCI Art Wall: RAW Vol. 1. Recently, she also worked on illustrating the album cover of an indie dream-pop band, Kaveh Kanes.

RUCI Art Wall (RAW) Vol.1 Exhibition
Artist Talk in front of Ella Wijt’s work called “Bathroom Party” (2018)

Igi Anjangbiani’s works tend to look fun with his usage of humoristic approach and pop culture references. The artist whose activities can be traced on his Instagram with username @sombong_, said that he wanted to create works that are honest, unfabricated and in correspondence with the ability and technology that he could achieve, filtered through his experiences, thoughts, and feelings. Besides painting, his works can also be found on urban toys that are also on display at the exhibition. Artist Nadira Julia takes a feminist approach in delivering her works. While oftentimes female figures are portrayed with gentleness, she could not withstand a certain stereotype that is put on works involving woman figures. Her portrayal of females signifies her stance on how she wants women to be seen. You could see a lot of symbols and surrealist surroundings that are present in her paintings.

Mira Rizky utilizes sound as the main component of human’s communication. She visualizes her ideas into interactive installations where the visitors could interact and engage with each other with the sounds echoed through the installation. She explores vibrations and fragments of sounds using tools and equipment that are often found on daily basis. Last but not least, Yosefa Aulia or friendly addressed as Ocipa uses a rather non-conventional approach in showcasing her ideas. She challenges the society’s masculinity and patriarchy through various mediums that can be interactive as well as thought-provoking. All of these artists’ works are still on display until this Sunday, so you’d better give them a visit to feed your artistic soul. For more information regarding this program or daily exhibition schedule, head to on Instagram.

Documentation: Intan Maharani