Mocca Secret Show 19th Anniversary
Cr: Jovy Aidil Akbar
Mocca’s Secret Show Returns to Coincide with Their 19th Anniversary!

Since its formation in 1999, swing pop band hailing from Bandung, Mocca has always found a way to get closer to their fans and show their gratitude towards them. One of their ways is holding a routine gig called Secret Show and after being on hiatus for quite some time, the gig returns this year. Arina Ephipania, Riko Prayitno, Indra Massad, and Toma Pratama will hold their newest installment of the gig on November 25th, 2018. Instead of locating the show in their hometown of Bandung, Mocca’s Secret Gig in 2018 will take place in Jakarta. This year marks the band’s 19th year anniversary and throughout those years, they have been through ups and downs together. Officially titled as “Mocca’s Secret Show 19th Anniversary”, the concept for this show is pretty one of a kind. When they usually hold the show by themselves, this time they asked some favors from Swinging Friends to make the show comes true. Through a startup website called, the show is crowdfunded by all people who are willing to help.

Without giving any more hints about the location or the show’s contents, you are still able to donate some funds to this collective project. Mocca said that there will be a special guest star for this special show. In the meantime, they are practicing hard with the guest star to give the best show possible to all Swinging Friends who participate. The location will be hinted one by one through the band’s social media and you can guess it on the post.  Furthermore about the crowdfunding project, there are several campaign packages available where you can choose the most suitable and affordable package for you. All the donators are automatically invited to the show, so the merrier the better. Get more info about this Secret Show on Mocca’s official social media!