SORE Vira Talisa Rubber Song SingleSORE teams up with Vira Talisa to Deliver “Rubber Song”

It’s been so long, it’s been so long hasn’t it? Well, it definitely has since SORE was last seen releasing their album “Los Skut Leboys” back in 2015. As of today, we got graced by the presence of SORE’s new single called “Rubber Song”. To make the celebration more special, they collaborate with soloist Vira Talisa to present this song. The three minute and twelve-second track definitely glides easily on our ears. It clings to a more pop-sounding SORE song that has a catchy repetitive hook that you can sing along to. Both voices from Vira Talisa and Ade Paloh blend well and they sing harmoniously throughout the song. Ade’s adlips can also be heard on several parts in this song. “Rubber Song” begins with a delicate piano and flute that sounds like it belongs to Vira Talisa before it goes full-blown SORE. Vira Talisa showcases her low register, while Ade Paloh is in charge of utilizing his falsetto and upper register. You might think it is weird since the female voice is usually pointed towards the upper register, but it works for this collaboration. With whispery-like vocals, Vira Talisa’s voice doesn’t seem too apparent, but she gives the support the song needs. She also adds more French flair with some spoken words at the end of the song.

SORE Vira Talisa Rubber Song SingleBecoming the first time that both parties collaborate on an official song, it is nice to see the influence of Vira’s French pop approach in a SORE’s song. The past three days they have been teasing about this surprise collaboration that sent both fans to frenzy. SORE picks the right person to collaborate with since Vira’s music matches well with them. Her current status as the ‘it’ musician also adds more point in this cooperation. Strangely, the track is uploaded onto the band’s new page on Spotify and other digital outlets. It must be frustrating if you have followed their old account because you cannot find the new single there. It was uploaded onto a new account called “Sore Band”. We don’t know what happened between closed doors or it is simply just because they forgot the password. SORE explained through a press release that “Rubber Song” contains their worries about romanticism that is always associated with cheesiness by some people. They thought that behind those cheesiness lays the purest sentiments of all themes that human have ever talked about. Alas, “Rubber Band” can be enjoyed on Spotify, iTunes, Apple Music, JOOX, and many others. When will we see a new music video? Because this pink-ish color tone is adorable!