Sade Susanto Checkpoint AlbumSwing To The Groovy Tunes of Sade Susanto’s Album “Checkpoint”

HILLS Collective hailing from Semarang is like the local version of 88rising. Together, they bring up some talented artists that focus on R&B and hip-hop genre. One of their rosters is Sade Susanto who has just released her debut album “Checkpoint”. The lady who is now residing in the city of Yogyakarta has previously released singles like “The Man Who Has Hurt Me” and “Excuses”. Imagine those coming of age movies you have watched, this album is like one but in audio format. The R&B songstress pours out how it feels like growing up and live in her 20’s. For the album, she got help from her labelmates, Moe Hummid and Cosmicburp on two singles. Her songs are mostly mid to low tempo R&B number and we figure if you’re fond of songs from NIKI, SZA, or lo-fi hip-hop tunes, then Sade Susanto might be the one you need on your playlist. For example, her lead single “The Man Who Has Hurt Me” has garnered over 25,000 streams on Spotify. It talks about a bad break-up and how one could not forgive those who have hurt them. She utilizes her unique vibrato and vocalizing that sounds very fitting in this genre.

Boasting 8 tracks in total, “Checkpoint” becomes the second album that was released under HILLS Collective. The group plans to reveal four albums in total from their rosters. Besides talking about coming of age, the album also tells the story of heartbreak that often happens to those in their youth, including Sade Susanto. The album was made in the course of six months starting from April 2018. All the songs were written by Sade, produced by Luthfi Adianto a.k.a Cosmicburp, and recorded at Lofos Studio. It’s interesting to see what this collective has to offer in the future. Will they live up to their hype? We’ll see, in the meantime, check out “Checkpoint” by Sade Susanto in your favorite digital streaming services. Follow her social media as well because a showcase is bound to happen at the end of this month.

“Checkpoint” Tracklist:

1. Gratitude
2. The Man Who Has Hurt Me
3. Excuses ft. Moe Hummid
4. Black Butterfly ft. Cosmicburp
5. No
6. Mold
7. Lucky
8. Trust No More