Sundancer Musim Bercinta EPThis Is Weird, But We Can Not Stop Listening to Sundancer’s “Musim Bercinta”

Garage punk isn’t exactly the go-to genre on our playlist, so when Mataram based band, Sundancer sent their “Musim Bercinta” EP on our way, we hesitated a little bit. After giving it a few spins, the EP turns out to be easy listening. It has five tracks in total with all the songs sung in Indonesian. There are “Musim Bercinta”, “Durjana”, “Musibah”, “Kisah Pilu”, and “Baur Bersama”. The strength in this records lay in its shitty quality. No offense to Sundancer, but they actually had the intention to do that to keep their amateur musician label intact. Wild beats and melodies are drenched in lots of fuzz, reverbs and 60’s rock-inspired strums and attitude. The EP was released on 18 October 2018 in both digital and physical formats. This unit isn’t shy to show their comical antics that are clearly present in their lyrics. For example, the lead single “Musim Bercinta” highlights a phenomenon when people like to do quick sex when it’s time to hold major dangdut events at the neighborhood.

Listening to this records sparked a few witty smiles and it’s like a guilty pleasure. The band which was founded by Oom Robo, the guitarist of Southern Beach Terror and Decky Jaguar, a vocalist of post-punk band Highway reminds us a bit of The Stooges, Indische Party, with the humor of The Panturas or even OM PMR. These combinations somehow work in Sundancer’s favor to evoke laughter, wild body movements, and crowd surfs. Oom Robo’s fondness of wrestling mask adds a much-needed gimmick to this band. Sadly, Decky’s voice still inclines towards post-punk vocals that don’t require dynamics or change of range. We think that we would love to see some shoutings because the beats are already on fire. “Musim Bercinta” EP can be enjoyed in its full on Spotify below via Carimuka Records. Check out our favorite “Kisah Pilu” on there as well!