Halloween 2018 Movie ReviewReview: Boogeyman Attack Returns in This Frightening “Halloween” Sequel

Nothing scares us more than an overdue unpaid bill and an ugly boogeyman like the one we saw on “Halloween”. In 2018, the sequel to the first Halloween movie which dated back in 1978 returns with a scarier plot and more thrilling killing scene. The first movie saw the emergence of the mysterious masked man named Mike Myers. At the age of 6, he had begun killing his own family members and his victims kept spreading from there. Jamie Lee Curtis who played the role of Laurie Strode is one of the victims who managed to escape from Myers’ brutal slashing spree back then.

In the new sequel, she reprised the role on the film which was directed by David Gordon Green. Nick Castle also reprised his role as Mike Myers with the help of a stuntman on some dangerous scenes. Forty years after Myers was shot by his own psychiatrist after attacking Laurie, he was said to be taken care of at Smith’s Grove Sanitarium. Refusing to speak about the past event, two young journalists – Aaron Korey and Dana Haines insisted on investigating the crime story by interviewing both him and Laurie separately.

Halloween 2018 Movie Review
Laurie and her daughter, Karen

Laurie who had been dealing with post-traumatic disorder realized fully that Mike would return someday and look for her. So, she had been using her time to deal with that, while at the same time, failing two marriages and losing a custody to her daughter, Karen. She was speculated to be Mike’s sister who was given up for an adoption while they were both infants. A patient’s trip from the sanatorium went wrong, resulting in a bus crash that led to Mike’s escape. This began the inevitable slashing spree that Mike was known for. Using a similar looking mask (a worn out one) that he used to wear, Mike Myers roamed the city in search of fresh blood to spill while still aiming Laurie as his main target.

The director managed to show a satisfying plot with acceptable twists, especially for those who have followed the franchise since the beginning. Mike’s heartless and emotionless face when killing his victims successfully make us shiver while watching. The thrill didn’t stop there, with the help of right scoring and ambiance, our hearts sank on some scenes. The jump-scares gave us a healthy amount of adrenaline rush, that haunted us back when we went home. “Halloween” captured the perfect essence of what the franchise aims to offer. We’d like to recommend this movie for anyone who is into horror and thriller!

Reviewer: Prasetya Ardhana/Editor: Novita Widia