Anomalyst Tropikalia SingleAnomalyst Went Tropical with Single “Tropikalia”

The wet season in Indonesia often comes hand in hand with the scorching heat, so Anomalyst‘s decision to release a single called “Tropikalia” is a genius move from them. The alternative band hailing from Jakarta has revealed their latest creation at the end of September on digital streaming platforms. Different from their songs on album “Segara” which was very Radiohead-esque, “Tropikalia” sees Anomalyst went on a totally different direction. This song is like a combination of NAIF, Mondo Gascaro and even a little bit of Yockie Suryoprayogo. An element of Indonesia’s vintage rock, combined with Brit-pop rhythm is presented through “Tropikalia”. Christianto Ario Wibowo, Farizky Wijanarko, and Aryorespati Xavier Sastrowardoyo noted that they were inspired by Brazilian and Indonesian music during the 70’s and 80’s, thus this record will highly remind you with that era. Christianto Ario Wibowo as the lyricist of this song stated that it describes a woman in a tropical climate with lots of beach, woods, who experiences happiness and through that happiness, she exudes a feeling of love.

“Musically, you could clearly tell the influence from Brazilian music in the 70s through 80s, the title was also inspired by ‘Tropikalia movement’, a political movement in Brazil in the 70’s. Lyrically, this song can be said as an homage to Chaseiro and Guruh Soekarno Putra, starting from its language style, diction, and idioms which were influenced by these legends,” explained Christianto. This becomes the second single from Anomalyst after they released “Kaca” a while ago to signify their upcoming second album. Farizky stated that this song is a romantic song in a true Anomalyst’s spirit, complete with its bright atmosphere. For the record, Anomalyst’s previous attempt almost always sounds gloomy and mysterious. The accompaniment lyrics video also took cues from Indonesia’s old TV-show. While we like the stories and direction behind this new single, we still find it awkward to know that this song is coming from Anomalyst. It takes time to adapt with their new style, but you can start it by listening to “Tropikalia” below.