EMO Night by Crowdsurfer JakartaCrowdsurfer Gathered All Emo Kids in Town for EMO Night

JAKARTA (10/9) – There is always something special when people gather together to sing their hearts out. A music collective that goes by the name Crowdsurfer has continuously held a string of events titled EMO Night. On their latest installment which was held on September 10th took place at Miss Qi Resto & Bar, Jakarta. In conjunction with the coming of Paramore and All Time Low to Jakarta in the past few weeks, the karaoke setlist for the night was dominated by the songs from the aforementioned bands. People who gathered that night went through a disease called PCD or Post-Concert Depression in which they could not move on after watching the performances from PARAMORE who performed on August 25th and All Time Low who performed on September 2nd. It started with an acoustic performance by Inung and Geri who brought their own rendition of Paramore’s hit single “That’s What You Get”. Another number from Paramore called “My Heart” was performed by Palindrome and it was closed out with All Time Low’s biggest hit to date “Dear Maria, Count Me In” sung by Undelayed.

The celebration didn’t stop there, as the crowd grew larger and the night grew darker, the DJs chimed in to share their curated playlist. There were Mashiro, Janitra Satriani, and Bounty Ramdhan who shared their playlist that consists of Paramore and All Time Low’s songs. Even though EMO Night has been going on for quite some time now, there were some new faces in the crowd that proved Emo music as the unifier of various people. Together, they sang aloud and revived their memories of watching their idols. They also weren’t shy to grab the mic whenever the chance arose. Crowdsurfer wished that more people from different backgrounds participated in their upcoming events. We demand EMO Night to be held in other cities as well to further spread the music to a wider scope. Do not miss their next edition by following their Instagram account here.