Kaveh Kanes The Fountain from Loanwords“The Fountain” Gears Up Kaveh Kanes for New Album “Loanwords”

It’s been a quite long time since we heard from Kaveh Kanes, a dream pop band hailing from Yogyakarta. The band who is popular for their song “Tiger In Your Tank” finally return with an upcoming album and new single. Titled “The Fountain”, the band promises a full-length called “Loanwords” which will be released under their new label, Anoa Records. Kaveh Kanes who used to release their debut album under Kolibri Records found it difficult to make this album since their members are now residing in various parts of Indonesia. Albeit this setback, Kaveh Kanes still deliver their best on “The Fountain”. The difference may lay on the production technique as the reverb does not overpower the vocals. In a sense, we could grasp the lyrics far more clearly this time.  As a comparison, listening to “Capital” (2015) feels like digesting a cloud while listening to this new era of Kaveh Kanes is like digesting a cotton candy, a more solid and familiar approach to their own genre. Although it is not showered with loads of reverb as they used to do, the dreamy ambience is still pretty much intact. The simple melodies from the hook and the addition of sound effects from the synths in the background lured us to put this song on repeat.

Kaveh Kanes The Fountain from Loanwords“The Fountain” is said to be picked as their first single because of its simplicity. It tells about a love story that does not have a beautiful happy ending. “Loanwords” itself is an album that speaks about love, family, and one’s search of their truest identity. The band said that the whole meaning of this album could differ to each listener. While we’re at it, another track called “Ambushed” by Kaveh Kanes has also been uploaded on Spotify. It applies a similar production as “The Fountain” with a little more complicated melodies. Taking a long process as the band gathered once a month in these past two years to make this album, it will be a well-earned work if you appreciate this album once it is released on September 25th. You can already pre-order “Loanwords” through Anoa Records’ official website. Enjoy “The Fountain” and “Ambushed” from Asad, Zaim, Mumu, and Hafid of Kaveh Kanes on digital platforms here before the record arrives in full!