HMGNC Japan Tour 2018HMGNC Take Over Japan for Their Latest Tour in 2018

Bandung’s electronic trio, HMGNC has some good news to be shared with us. The band is reportedly going to Japan for a tour. HMGNC has been through some tough journey over the years including going through member changes and hiatus, exploring new sound and music, as well as re-branding their stage name. In late 2017, the trio released a self-titled album which signified a brand new chapter on their career. Their new compass is re-directed to find the value of who they really are and what kind of music they really want to do. So, the result is an album with the sound that is similar to their old music as Homogenic. Experiencing their new album is like reminiscing about their old image with a fresh vibe. Their Japanese tour is like a celebration towards their new direction and it will kick off starting from tomorrow. From 6 – 14 September 2018 or approximately a week, HMGNC will stop by 5 stages in Japan to deliver their music to the citizens there.

They will be performing at Shimokitazawa Chikamatsu on 7 September 2018, Yokohama B.B. Street on 8 September 2018, Shinsaibasi HOKAGE on 11 September 2018, Kyoto Growly on 12 September 2018 and Kobe Event-Hall RAT on 14 September 2018. Along with these scheduled gigs, HMGNC will also promote their music on local radio stations like Block – FM Radio, J-wave Radio, and Keiko Toda Radio Show. This is their first time touring abroad and it will only strengthen their bond as a band. “We’ve been together for many years. The music that we are playing now is the result of a long journey with various processes. Our exploration never stops. We’re thankful for the existence of HMGNC album that gave us so many surprises including this Japan tour. It’s a great move to always introduce our music,” explained Dina Dellyana, a member of HMGNC. Amandia Syachridar (Vocal), Dina Dellyana (Synth/Programming), Grahadea Yusuf  (Synth/Programming) performances in Japan is supported by Se.Sa.Ma, Indonesian Agency for Creative Economy, DCDC and UNKL347. Check out their schedule in Japan below and give them your support!HMGNC Japan Tour 2018