Searching Film ReviewReview: “Searching” is The Thriller Drama You Should Not Miss Out!

Without Hollywood’s A-list stars, A-list director, or a huge budget to back it up, “Searching” is arguably the most thrilling crime film we’ve watched in the cinema this year. The film was produced by two production houses under Sony Entertainment and it was directed by Aneesh Chaganty. The film poster’s itself might not be intriguing enough for you to watch it, but we suggest you watch its trailer to feel the tip of the iceberg from the movie’s whole plotline. “Searching” is starred by John Cho who plays the role of single father David Kim who goes on a mission to search for his missing daughter, Margot Kim who is played by Michelle La. The movie offers a unique cinematography as the viewers follow the whole plot from a standpoint of gadget user. Yes, it’s like seeing our own laptop screen on the big screen. Every possible angle that might come from the internet or visible technology is utilized perfectly by the director to enhance the rawness. Social media, news portals, FaceTime, iMessage, Facebook and more become the platforms that are used to tell the story. There is no super expensive camera or footage used in this movie, but somehow, “Searching” hits so close to home.

Searching Film Review
David Kim (John Cho)

Few minutes into the movie, you might think this is some drama family affair with an inspirational or motivational message in it. But you will be proven wrong with how fast the plot changed and the story took 180-degree turn. The seemingly warm atmosphere provided in the beginning is just a layer of what the movie is all about. David Kim lived alone with his only daughter after her wife passed away. So it only made sense that he became protective of Margot. Margot’s disappearance worried him and led him to the fact that she might not be the daughter he knew and raised all along. The twists were unpredictable and it kept the viewers wondering what might happen to Margot. As the story unfolded, we also learned about human’s behaviors and psychologies. This movie is a pleasant surprise for those who love crime and thriller movie like “Gone Girl”, “The Prisoner” and so on. “Searching” is also added as one of a (sadly) few lists of Hollywood movies starred by an Asian cast. We highly recommend you to watch it as it is now being screened across Indonesia.