Ping Pong Club SkylightPing Pong Club Warms The Heart with New Single “Skylight”

After releasing their debut single “Venetian Blinds” back in March, Bandung’s latest electro-pop unit, Ping Pong Club shares their new song titled “Skylight”. Hariz Lasa (vocal, synth, guitar), Muhammad Rizky (vocal, guitar), Fasya Suryadini (vocal, synth, keys), Muhammad Iqbal (bass) and Satrio Adi Nugroho (drum) mark this single as another milestone before releasing their full-length album that will hopefully come out this year. Upon the first listen, “Skylight” gives a warm fuzzy feeling inside our hearts for its easy-listening melodies. While “Venetian Blinds” is very sweet and somehow romantic sounding, “Skylight” is a little more energetic but still retaining the catchiness that is also present on the first song. The vocal is far better in this one as it sounds heavier and more wholesome. “Skylight” sounds like a crossover between post-punk tunes with city pop flair. It is definitely a more enjoyable listening experience as we get to know more about this band’s characteristic.

As far as the meaning goes, “Skylight” talks about someone who is facing a crossroad in life. That person does not know what he wants or has a specific goal to achieve in life. “This resulted from a mental block which is formed and constructed by the surrounding. Just like those who follow the flow of an ‘ideal’ life that is actually a social construct. That person doesn’t have his/her own goal,” explained Muhammad Rizky. This kind of phenomenon often occurs to twentysomething, but the bright side of this song is Ping Pong Club wants people to respect other people’s choices in life. “Skylight” also proves the band’s global expansion as the song will be released through several countries’ platforms. It is released exclusively for Japanese market through Hope You Smile Records, it was first streamed at Jamendo Music – digital music service from Luxembourg, and globally released as a digital format through American record label, Dreamtime Palace. Enjoy this song on Spotify, iTunes, Apple Music, Deezer, Joox, Soundcoud, Youtube, and Bandcamp. Get to know more about Ping Pong Club on their official Instagram account.