Rayssa Dynta Hands Remix EPRayssa Dynta Reveals 2nd Single “Hands” with Remixes

Rayssa Dynta is the ‘it’ girl everyone talks about nowadays in the music industry and she continues to be productive by releasing her second single called “Hands” off of her debut EP Prolog”. She previously debuted with single “Something About Us” near the end of 2017. The track number four from this album exudes a strong electro-pop feel that reminds us with BANKS, Alina Baraz and a little bit of Neonomora. “Hands” marks the first ever song that she composed by herself before it was recorded in the studio. It resulted from one of the many sleepless nights she had and when she could not express her thoughts and feelings in words. She used as much knowledge she had like looping technique as well as adding the bassline and beats when she first made “Hands”. The lyrics can be multi interpreted whether this is a bad breakup song or an ode of obsession towards your loved one, it’s you who decide. The single got a special treatment as it was released as a special EP with two remixes added.

One of the remix was done by Rayssa Dynta’s labelmate from Double Deer Records named Gasta and another one was rearranged by ambient unit, Mataharibisu. Gasta turned this track on a very opposite direction from the original. He puts a heavy techno beats on it that turns “Hands” into a dancefloor anthem. Rayssa’s vocals are looped, cut, layered in between lots of techno beats that make up this 7-minute remix. While Mataharibisu live up to their proclaimed genre as “Hands” is transformed into a Dreamwave lullaby. The soothing tune is a match made in heaven with Rayssa Dynta’s angelic voice. The singer hopes to reach out to different segments of listeners, while consolidating her ever-growing initial audience base and adding a story to her complete musical journey. “Hands” and its remix EP can be enjoyed on digital streaming services like Spotify, iTunes, Apple Music, and many more.