Cosmo Pyke Noisewhore Live ReportDrenched in Sweat with First Ever Performance of Cosmo Pyke in Indonesia

JAKARTA (25/8) – This talented lad from Peckham, London, UK – Cosmo Pyke, finally performed in Indonesia for the first time ever last Saturday. As a part of a routine gig called Noisewhore Live held by Noisewhore, the 19-year-old musician is one of many foreign names that have ever been invited to Jakarta. The event started at 18.30 with Jakarta’s indie band Low Pink was set to open the celebration. Right at 8 PM, Low Pink started to play their tunes from their latest EP “Phases”. Led by frontman Raoul Dikka, Low Pink performed upon an enthusiastic crowd who danced and moved to the music’s rhythm. Few songs into their set, suddenly a blackout happened to the stage’s light. Albeit this technical mishap, Low Pink continued their set and finished their performance with ease. Even after they left the stage, the electricity at Rossi Musik Fatmawati remained dim. Without AC and electric fans, the crowd began to sweat and some decided to leave the venue in search for fresh air. The organizer reacted swiftly after experiencing this setback, they turned on some flashlights and told the crowd to turn on their mobile phone’s flashlight to help Low Pink finish their set. They even went as far as calling the authority to fix the problem and finally, the light was back on right before Cosmo Pyke entered the stage.

Cosmo Pyke Noisewhore Live Report
Low Pink

With his dreadlock tied and a bare chest, Cosmo Pyke played the guitar while singing his songs. Opened by “Great Dane” that is greeted with such warm response, he greeted the crowd. He chose to be thread-less since the atmosphere at Rossi was very hot and humid. He continued to bring his hit songs while getting drenched in sweat. When “Chronic Sunshine” was performed, the crowd sang along and passionately screamed each word from the tune to his surprise. The musician who is also a model and graffiti artist then finish the set and left the stage. The crowd seemed to be unsatisfied and shouted an encore. Cosmo returned to the stage and introduced his band members briefly before singing a few encore songs and introduce a new tune that will probably be released sometime this year. He managed to give a lasting impression to the attendees by taking a photo together and hospitably accepting a few selfie requests with his fans. Darn, we wish we could be that cool and talented! This edition of Noisewhore Live was great despite few problems that were occurring and hopefully, the next installment would be better. Cosmo Pyke Noisewhore Live Report

Reporter: Chalif Rafi/Editor: Novita Widia