PARAMORE Tour Four Press ConferencePARAMORE Finally Returns and Kotak Becomes The Opening Act

JAKARTA (24/8) – Parafamily who was devastated back in February now can smile widely since PARAMORE has fulfilled their promise to reschedule their show in Indonesia. The rock band is scheduled to perform tomorrow on August 25th at ICE, BSD. To remind you a bit, their show in February for PARAMORE Tour Four was canceled abruptly due to Hayley William’s unfit condition. A day prior to the show, the promoters MCM Live, Sonic Live Asia, and POP reassured the fans that the preparation went smoothly and they have committed to give an unforgettable experience for the fans.  The stage, lighting, and sound have been prepared well and the flow of the audience has been set up to ensure the comfort and safety during the show. Those who have bought the tickets online can exchange the e-voucher at Redemption Counter. As the representative of MCM Live, Oktoberi Surbakti said, “These days we have communicated intensively with the band’s team, all of their riders have been prepared and we always emphasize on their health. PARAMORE will definitely come and they could not wait to meet with their fans in Indonesia after 7 years.”

PARAMORE Kotak Tour Four Press Conference

The gate will be opened from 4 PM and the hall or concert venue will be open from 5.30 PM. The audience will be pampered with F&B booths, toilets, and moving mushalla to accommodate their needs. The concept for the whole show was inspired by Paramore’s latest album “After Laughter”. The visual on that album which represented 80’s era is conveyed with lots of LED lights, neon colors on the stage design. They will bring out all the songs from their latest album like “Idle Worship”, “Rose-Colored Boy”, “Fake Happy”, and “Caught In The Middle”. Hayley, Zac, and Taylor will also bring back the memories with their old songs like “Ignorance”, “That’s What You Get” and many more. Before having fun with this band, Indonesian rock outfit, Kotak is appointed as the opening act. Tantri and Chua felt honored to be chosen as PARAMORE’s opening act and during the press con, they also said their excitement to see the live performance of Hayley and co. As a compensation from the band’s sudden withdrawal months ago, they have prepared special gimmick for their beloved fans. Can’t wait!