Eki Darmawan Oxy Ari Wijaya Out of The Blue Single
Eki Darmawan
Local Lo-Fi Hip Hop Tunes by Eki Darmawan on “Out of The Blue”

Lo-fi hip hop/jazz-hop trend is on the rise in the past few years, so it’s understandable that the wave has reached our local musician. It’s Eki Darmawan who has just shared a soothing track called “Out Of The Blue”. The Malang native collaborated with Oxy Ari Wijaya who resides in Jakarta, so think of this song as an interlocal joint. Their effort results in a smooth instrumental track which was inspired by neo-soul genre. This song is that type of music that you would listen to in a fine afternoon, while daydreaming or chilling perhaps. Eki who used to be a member of both Shewn and Whitenoir produced the beats and melodies for this track. We could clearly tell that the inspiration came from soul musicians like Robert Glasper, Miles Davis, and so on. It’s mellow but cheerful at the same time, so “Out of The Blue” is the perfect companion for both sad or happy situation. As cited from the press release, the song has a double meaning in which it could mean a sudden thought or an exit from sad emotion. Combined together, the single is hoped to make the listeners come out of their sadness once they listen to it.

Eki Darmawan Oxy Ari Wijaya Out of The Blue Single
Oxy Ari Wijaya

After Eki created the whole composition for this song, Oxy came in to complete it with his lead synthesizer and piano. Oxy is known to be the additional player for renowned musicians like Maudy Ayunda, Aditya Sofyan, Vidi Aldiano and many more. Instead of being a solo act, we hope to see these two create a duo for this kind of music. They clearly complement each other well and “Out of The Blue” is the proof of their joined labors. The song has been released via Spires Records and you can listen to it on digital streaming service like Spotify below.Eki Darmawan Oxy Ari Wijaya Out of The Blue Single