SKASTRA Rendez-Vous Music VIdeoReminiscing Ex-Lover with SKASTRA Video for “Rendez-Vous”

Before we continue this article, we strongly advise those who still can’t forget their exes to just close this page right away because SKASTRA will get you in your feelings. The jazz ska group hailing from Depok have revealed their newest music video for single “Rendez-Vous”. The French word which translates to “a meeting between two people in a destined place” is visualized by the director, Yoga Mohamad. Collaborating with Teater Pandora, the video sees a woman entering a pub to wait for someone. SKASTRA’s members also make an appearance in this single, showcasing their soulful take on the lyrics. Talking about meeting a past lover, “Rendez-Vous” has the perfect blend of jazz, swing, and ska. Written by Adi Ahdiat, the song emphasizes rendezvous as a medium to reminisce the past. Is the main role going to finally meet her ex-boyfriend or another surprise will happen to her? You just gotta watch the music video to find out.

SKASTRA Rendez-Vous Music VIdeoThis video becomes the second official visual from SKASTRA after they released “Hilang Asa” video a year ago. It was released on 4 August 2018 through a showcase held at Panhead, Jakarta. The band previously has released a full-length album called “Minor 7”. Alduri Asfirna (vocal), Ibrahim Rahman (drum), Rasmana Raga (bass), Adi Ahdiat (guitar), Fazrin Mustakin (guitar), Hanung T. Wibawa (keyboard), Taufiq Alkatiri (trumpet), and Faris Sutowijoyo (trombone) further establish their steps in the music industry by releasing this single. Formed when they were pursuing their education at Universitas Indonesia. They have participated to fill in the soundtrack for a major motion picture called “Security Ugal-Ugalan” (2017) with a single called “Makan Hati”. We hope to see a lot more of SKASTRA and their music in 2018. “Rendez-Vous” can be listened on various digital platforms, while the video can be watched below.