Glaskaca Atom SingleGlaskaca Shares Fast Paced Rock Song through “Atom”

Glaskaca proves the versatility of their own genre by sharing a new song called “Atom”. Different from their previous effort that utilizes mellow alternative rock sound, this time Glaskaca opt to perform a faster and more upbeat rock song. The single which has its own lyrics video has been uploaded on the band’s official Youtube channel and the audio could be listened through Spotify, Google Play, Deezer, iTunes, and Apple Music. They are not shy to use heavy guitar riffs, albeit Dias’ vocal remain calm and melancholic sounding. Beforehand, the band has released their first single from an upcoming album called “Putih” last April. However, “Atom” has a whole new approach from “Putih”, so we couldn’t really compare the two. We couldn’t decide whether this new style suits them more, but it is definitely something new. Titled “Adendum”, the unit which is comprised of Rayhan Noor, Dias, and Aldi explain that there would be more explorations in terms of sounds in this album. The lyrics of “Atom” tell about the battle inside human’s heart.

Glaskaca Atom Single“Atom’s lyrics tell about a moment when someone is aware of his/her own conceit. Musically, this song is a form of Glaskaca’s wider exploration in music, it will also be shown through other songs in our upcoming album,” said Rayhan Noor, the songwriter of “Atom”. “Adendum” is planned to be released on September 5th, and this album is produced by the mastermind behind Barasuara, Iga Massardi. Five years experience from Glaskaca has equipped them with 2 EPs “Staedig” and “Identity” as well as two singles“Preclear” dan “Polymath”. “Adendum” will be another milestone for this band as it is their first full-length album. The lyrics video can be watched on the link below and follow their latest updates on Instagram.