SIPFest 2018 Salihara JakartaHappy Go Artsy with SIPFest 2018 at Komunitas Salihara

JAKARTA (8/1) – Salihara International Performing-arts Festival or known as SIPFest return in 2018. The bi-annual art festival was established in 2008 and it features performances from various countries. Re-branded as SIPFest since 2016, the festival is a form of commitment from Komunitas Salihara to hold a high quality and educative show for Jakarta’s art enthusiasts and the general public. This year, SIPFest feels more special since it is held in conjunction with Salihara’s 10th year anniversary which falls on August 8th. During a month starting from 4 August to 9 September 2018, Salihara will host performances from Australian, Belgian, Indonesian, Iranian, Canadian, Malaysian, French, and Taiwanese artists. “With this SIPFest 2018, we will say our gratitude towards the attendees for their never-ending support to us for a decade, so we could develop creativity and education with full of happiness,” said Nirwan Dewanto, the director of SIPFest 2018. It will be opened with a choreographed performance called “Split” by Lucy Guerin from Australia on August 4th to 5h, 2018. This performance earned an award for Best Dancer on Helpmann Award 2017.

SIPFest 2018 Salihara JakartaOn dance department, there will also be performances called Heretics by Ayelen Parolin (Belgium) and Parallèles by Abderzak Houmi (France). The music department will be filled with performances from Quatuor Bozzini (Canada) who will bring his own rendition from Indonesia’s four young composers which are Marisa Sharon Hartanto, M. Arham Aryadi, Stevie Jonathan Sutanto, Matius Shan Boone and he will also perform his version of Canadian and American composers. Ju Percussion Group will bring their 30-year journey on a piece called “Stunning Virtuosity”. You could also find performances fromQuasar Quatuor de Saxophones from Canada as well as Toccata Studio (Malaysia) who will blow you away with “Space Age: The Phantom Power” which combines music, visual art, and science.

Theaters are even more exciting with the participation of Reza Rahadian and Siti Nursanti who will read the script called “White Rabbit Red Rabbit” written by Nassim Soleimanpour (Iran). It is said that the readers will have to improve,” because the script will be unsealed right when the performance is about to start. Five Arts Centre (Malaysia) will perform a documentary theater based on their country’s history called “Baling”. Rollan Dubillard’s work (1923-2011) will be translated by Jim Adhi Limas and also read by himself. Salihara themselves will create a contemporary dance work called “Cablaka” in collaboration with choreographer Otniel Tasman and a theatrical work “Monolog Sutan Sjahrir” with director Rukman Rosadi, actor Rendra Bagus Pamungkas, and scriptwriter Ahda Imran. Ananda Sukarlan will talk about “Komposisi Piano Abad ke-20″ and legendary dancer Didik Nini Thowok will talk about “Tradisi Lintas Gender dalam Seni Pertunjukan di Indonesia”. Nirwan continues, “Di seni senang, that’s the motto of SIPFest. Happy go artsy. Art is fun, when it takes us to dive deeper into life. Art is appealing, surprising, as well as entertaining.”  You could find the complete schedule of SIPFest 2018 below and grab the tickets for the show on Salihara’s website.

SIPFest 2018 Salihara JakartaPerformance Schedule of SIPFest 2018

04 – 05 August: SPLIT – Lucy

08 – 09 August:  Cablaka – Otniel Tasman

10-11 August:  Quatuor Bozzini meets Indonesia & Cart-blanche Quatuor Bozzini – Quatuor Bozzini

12 August:  OmongObrolan – Jim Adhi Limas

14 – 15 August:  Stunning Virtuosity – JU Percussion Group

18 – 19 August:  Monolog Sutan Sjahrir – Rukman Rosadi, Ahda Imran, Rendra Pamungkas

24 – 25 August:  De Souffles et de Machines Quasar Quarto de Saxophone

25 – 26 August: White Rabbit, Red Rabbit – Nassim Soleimanpour

29 – 30 August: Space Age: The Phantom Power – Toccata Studio

01-02 September      : Baling – Five Arts Center

05-06 September      : Heretics – Ayelen Parolin

08-09 September      : Parallèles – Compagnie X-press



05 August: Komposisi Piano Abad ke-20 – Ananda Sukarlan

07 August:  Tradisi Lintas Gender Dalam Seni Pertunjukan di Indonesia – Didi Nini Thowok

12 August: Saya dan Teater Modern di Indonesia – Jim Adhi Limas

Documentation: Komunitas Salihara