Mission: Impossible FalloutReview: Mission: Impossible Fallout is Their Wildest Series Yet!

Mission: Impossible is probably the longest running action movie franchise that hasn’t let us down since its first entry to the big screen. The experience of watching Tom Cruise who plays the role of Ethan Hunt in a dangerous situation keeps getting better and better. The latest installment called “Mission: Impossible Fallout” has just been released and it was a total mind boggling action flick. Tom Cruise, Simon Pegg, Ving Rhames and Alec Baldwin reunited once again to save the world from man made disaster. We didn’t expect to be blown away by its plot nor its scenes. But we would like to give props to the PR team behind this movie. Little by little they spoiled us with behind-the-scene information that enabled us to build an even bigger interest to watch the final result.

First of all, Tom Cruise had an injury while shooting this film due to his unwillingness to use body double or stuntman for dangerous scenes. Second, it was revealed that he joined an intensive training to operate a helicopter because there would be an important part of this movie that requires him to fly a chopper. Third, this movie uses less CGI technique to enable the viewers to feel the realest experience and just like that, we’re sold. Ethan Hunt was once again portrayed as an espionage agent who is faced with dilemma when the lives of innocent people are at stake. While we already know where this kind of personality will play a part in the plot, the villains in this movie are a little bit unpredictable.

We encountered some scenes where we found it hard to tell whether the good person is really good, or the bad ones are truly evil. As the movie holds some surprises on its sleeve, we enjoy the splendid cinematography presented there. Starting from the classic architecture in Paris, the bustling city of London, down to the over the top natural view of Kashmir. The old fans of this franchise would be welcomed with the return of some former cast. While the new ones, might find it hard to pinpoint old characters and their relevance at first, but would be able to pick up the pace later on. To sum it up, “Mission: Impossible Fallout” deserves a spot in our 2018 Best Action Movie List. Watch this film which was directed by Christopher McQuarrie on theaters near you!