Lorde at We The Fest 2018Lorde Hypnotized The Crowd at We The Fest 2018

JAKARTA (7/21) – Performing upon thousands of people, New Zealand pop singer Lorde brought out her A-game on We The Fest 2018 stage on day two. Opened by a few dancers, she entered the stage wearing a transparent red jumpsuit with red garments underneath. “Sober” became the opening number as she sang her heart out to it. The Grammy Award winner then continued to perform another song called “Homemade Dynamite”. As it was the first time for her to perform in Indonesia, the crowd seemed to swarm her stage to be curious of her set. Coming with a low expectation since her discography mostly consists of mid to low tempo songs, Lorde proved us that she deserved to be an A-list performer. The dancers added a lot of dynamics to her stage otherwise, it could look boring and empty. The band was pushed a little further in the back, so the spotlight really went to Lorde and her dancers. She danced, moved, and carried by the dancers, so it was like seeing a beautiful contemporary dance performance instead of a music concert.

Lorde at We The Fest 2018As she greeted the crowd with a warm smile, Lorde whose real name is Ella Marija Lani Yelich-O’Connor said she was dazzled by Jakarta’s heat that day. Growing up on a fairly cold weather in New Zealand, she thought that the weather was hot and it was shown with the never-ending stream of sweat that came from her face. Sporting a top bun and glittery eye makeup, she also expressed her surprise after seeing many people showed up. “Wow, I never expected to see these many people here. I thought there would be a hundred, or two hundred people if we’re lucky,” she said. Her hit debut single “Royals” got the crowd singing in unison and they recorded the moment on their mobile phones. She sang a total of 16 songs with the hit single from her sophomore album “Green Light” sung as the closing number. We have to give acknowledgment to her as she presented stable vocal throughout her set while dancing at the same time. It was such a hypnotizing stage to be watched!

Documentation: Bonifasius Eiji