CHVRCHES cancelled love is deadCHVRCHES Love is Dead Tour in Jakarta is Cancelled

When the thoughts of seeing Lauren Mayberry and co are very vivid in our minds, a nightmare came and destroyed it all. Through the promoter’s official social media account, it was announced that CHVRCHES Love is Dead tour in Jakarta that is scheduled to happen this Wednesday is cancelled. Sonic Live Asia cited unforeseen circumstance as the reason behind this cancellation. There is no exact explanation whether it was technical or something else. According to the announcement, CHVRCHES have tried to reach an agreement with the promoter before pulling out two days prior to the show. The concert was going to be held on July 25th at Plennary Hall, Jakarta Convention Center. Their visit to Jakarta is a part of tour to promote their latest album “Love is Dead” which was released earlier this year.

The fans have of course expressed their disappointments to this news. Those who have planned a trip to watch CHVRCHES felt very upset since they have booked transportation and accommodation in Jakarta. Moreover, CHVRCHES have put out an official statement saying that they have never cancelled out a show like this before. They also reassure fans that they will be touring in Asia early next year. This becomes the second time that Sonic Live have to cancel a show after Paramore’s show last February had to be re-scheduled to August. Paramore’s concert cancellation was even more of a last minute notice as it was announced on the D-day following the unfit condition from its front-woman, Hayley Williams. Meanwhile, the refund for those who have bought the tickets are still in the process. We’ll get back to you soon with more news concerning this cancellation.