Ramengvrl We The Fest 2018
Ramengvrl x Iwa K
Ramengvrl Brought Iwa K, GBrand, Keilanboi and Other Collaborators on WTF 2018 Stage

JAKARTA (7/20) – Playing at We The Fest 2018 for the second time, Ramengvrl managed to hype up the crowd on Bananas Stage. Prior to her appearance, rapper whose real name is Putri Soeharto presented her labelmates from Underground Bizniz Club. There were GBrand and Keilanboi with their crew called BLVCKMINDS that heated up the crowd. The deafening scream from teenage girls filled up the room as GBrand presented fast-paced rap lyrics and brought Iqbal Ramadhan along. After their set, Ramengvrl came up on stage but she wasn’t alone. She got RAN’s resident rapper, Rayi Putra to perform alongside her for her first song. As the crowd was still trying to process the collaboration, she then gave another surprise with the appearance of Indonesia’s rap legend, Iwa K. Singing a verse from his hit song “Nombok Dong”, Iwa K spitted out the verses from behind the curtains before joining her on stage. Unlike the original arrangement, “Nombok Dong” that they performed yesterday sounded more modern and powerful. The duo then complimented each other after the song was finished, with Iwa K uttered his adoration towards her from the beginning of her career.

Ramengvrl We The Fest 2018
GBrand and Iqbal Ramadhan

Afterwards, she greeted the crowd with her pink striped crop top and white pants. The rapper who is now sporting blue-dyed hair then gave a shout out to all the women in the crowd. Known as a musician who is actively promoting feminism and female empowerment, she didn’t hesitate to radiate that energy to the crowd. “Who’s got vaginas here please put your hands up!” commanded her from the stage. Two vocalists then came up to sing Jessie J’s hit song “Bang Bang”. This pleasant surprise and collaborations got our eyes glued to the stage. Her stage persona felt very natural and unforced. She didn’t find any trouble swinging left to right while performing other songs of her own like “I’m Da Man” or the latest one “CA$HMERE”. Ramengvrl’s unique look and bold personality boosted her live set and we loved every minute of it. Check out her video for “CA$HMERE” here.Ramengvrl We The Fest 2018

Ramengvrl We The Fest 2018
with Rayi Putra

Photo: Novita Widia