8 Things MUST NOT Do on Music Festivals8 Things You MUST NOT Do on Music Festivals!

Music festivals season is in full effect and with the upcoming edition of We The Fest, Hammersonic, Soundrenaline, Jazz Bromo and many more, sometimes you have to prepare some necessary things beforehand. Getting sick and unable to enjoy the whole festival experience is one thing to avoid during the festival. We compile a list of eight things that you must not do if you want to savor your long-awaited festivals perfectly!

1. Do Not Have Enough Sleep

Sometimes going to a music festival without enough sleep is the worst. Imagine being drowsy and lethargic when your favorite acts are on? According to an infographic provided by John Hopkins Medical, lack of sleep will result in various ways especially in your mood, health, and safety. You don’t want to cause drama with a stranger you meet at a festival just because you’re irritated, right? Then spend enough time to rest, because boy, the experience is irreversible.

8 Things MUST NOT Do on Music Festivals
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2. Have Unbalanced Energy Intake

Getting a little fun with liquor is perfectly fine during festivals. But make sure you do not consume a lot of it without a full stomach. In other news, eating a lot of food recklessly might cause you an upset stomach. We’re pretty sure spending most of the time on toilets is not your perfect dream of a music festival. Make sure you have the best of both worlds!

8 Things MUST NOT Do on Music Festivals3. Not Hydrated Well

Music festivals sometimes present more than one stage. It requires a lot of energy to hop between one another, so make sure you grab enough water in between. On some occasions, the organizers provide free tap water fountain and they must have anticipated lots of bottled water to satisfy your thirst. Don’t forget to drink to loosen up those joints so you can jump as high as possible when your favorite ones come on stage!

8 Things MUST NOT Do on Music Festivals
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4. No Back-Up Plan

Wet clothes? Broken sandals? Flawed hair? Then you must prepare a backup plan when these things happen. The backup plan is completely up to your own personal standard. Bring your own medicine, since prescribed meds are allowed on most festivals. You can also bring a comb, make-up, or whatever comes to mind to keep your looks on point throughout the day.

8 Things MUST NOT Do on Music Festivals5. Wrong Dresscode

Are you coming to a summer festival? Or a forest festival? Being fashionable is a must, but make sure you also dress for the weather. Festivals like We The Fest or Sunny Side Up require loose clothing that enables your skin to breathe in the hot weather. Do not wear a parka to Seminyak Beach or Garuda Wisnu Kencana. Bikinis, tankinis, and hot pants are a no-no for Jazz Bromo because it’s freezing up there.

8 Things MUST NOT Do on Music Festivals6. Too Busy on The Phone

Giving updates is okay, but focusing too much on your phone makes you unable to enjoy the concert. Don’t worry too much about live Instagram or live tweet. Because there will always be late post option, where you can seize and enjoy the moment as well as capturing the memories with your loved ones.

8 Things MUST NOT Do on Music Festivals7. No Cash/Money

Welp, you can’t always count on your friends to lend you some money when you don’t bring any. Save some dough on your bank account or wallets just in case you want to buy food, drinks, or other stuff you might find cute. Some festivals provide F&B area, marketplace, and some interactive stores for you to spend your money. Remember to spend it wisely though…

8. Are You Sure It Will be Sunny?

The weather forecast is a must-see before you go to a festival. If rain is predicted to fall, then prepare an umbrella, raincoat or other necessities. Do a double check with the festival’s rules, because some of them prohibit umbrellas in their area as it could the sights of those behind you.

All in all, we wish you a splendid journey before, during, and after the music festivals you are coming to. We hope to give you enough tips to get through it. Tag us on Instagram @thedisplaynet when you go to a festival and share the fun!