Cosmo Pyke Live in Jakarta
6 Reasons Why Cosmo Pyke is The Musician to Look Out This Year!

Cosmo Pyke is a British musician who has released few singles and an EP called “Just Cosmo” under his name. The 19-year-old musician has crafted a fuzzy tune that combines soul, jazz, reggae and hip-hop approach that he described as ‘lazy’ music. In this article, we cite 7 reasons on why Cosmo Pyke’s music and personality are celebrated by youngsters these days and why you should look out to this name throughout 2018.

1. Perfect fashion sense

Before he is known as a musician, Cosmo Pyke had started his career as a model. With his unique look, signature dread-lock and effortless sway, his face has appeared as one of the casts on Frank Ocean’s “Nikes” music video. He also appeared on the lookbook of British retail fashion store, TOPMAN, Arena HOMME+ editorial, and Lanvin 2016 Fall/Winter campaign. He is listed as a model under Select Model Management. If he’s not on duty displaying fashionable outfit, he also brings his style on stage with combinations of skater shoes, baggy or sporty clothes, or a pair of comfortable t-shirt and jeans. You can steal more of his look by scrolling through his Instagram account @cosmopyke.

Cosmo Pyke Live in Jakarta


2. Local pride

You can take Cosmo Pyke out of Peckham, but you can’t take Peckham out of him. Born and raised in this region which is located in South London, he never forgets about his root and upbringing. On an interview with The Guardian in 2017, Cosmo told that he still lives in the house in which his mum gave birth to. His sense of pride for the locals is also shown through the music video of his single “Chronic Sunshine” where he greets local store owners. We got to see the nook and crannies of where he lives, the stores he passes through on daily basis and more. Watch the video from this Brit alumn below.

3. A glimpse of personal experience through music

Isn’t it always nice to know about the stories behind every song? Cosmo Pyke gets real and tells about what inspired him to write certain song or album. He cited his ex-girlfriend as the source of inspiration for his latest EP “Just Cosmo”. His experience of being confronted by the police was also turned into two songs on the album. While “Chronic Sunshine” is a song that resulted from cannabis intake. His bluntness in songwriting made us feel that we’re invited into his realm, and what could be better than reading about someone’s life through great songs.

4. Free-spirited self

On few interviews that were done in the past few years, he isn’t afraid to let people know about his thoughts. Whether it’s about British political situation, his affection towards joints, his tendency to work only with people he knew and his distaste towards the middle-class mentality that his peers are taking on. Before an interview with The Guardian, he also asks for a breakfast before they could commence the Q&A session. Being popular at a very young age doesn’t hinder him to become a free-spirited soul that every youngster aspires to be. He might come off as a little bit of a snob for being young and naive, but staying true to be having your own though and will is a privilege these days.

5. Jack of all trades

He sings, he plays multiple musical instruments, he models. Is that it? Apparently having one talent isn’t enough for this lad. He is also known as a graffiti artist and skateboarding slash cycling aficionado. According to an interview with Hunger TV, Cosmo prefers graffiti compared to street art because “it’s just a quick singular tag done by one person as a bit of advertisement.” He is known to be fond of skateboarding as well, mentioning Southbank as the area he loves to skate at. At this point, it seems like God is a little bit unfair for an individual to be this skilled right? Check out his skate moves on the video for “Great Dane” here.

6. His genres-fusing music

It’s hard to describe Cosmo Pyke’s music as one singular genre. Oftentimes, his music is just a huge blend of various influences that he loves like blues, reggae, hip-hop, soul, and jazz. Earlier in his career, he was often compared to King Krule for his multi genres approach. In our own definition, Pyke’s luscious, warm, and sometimes psychedelic tunes are the result of living, breathing, and grasping a plethora of cultures he happened to come across throughout his life. If you’re curious on how his music sounds like on a live stage, then you’d better attend his upcoming show in Jakarta on August 25th at MS Hall. Presented by Noisewhore, the tickets for his show are on sale here for IDR315,000. Watch out for this guy in 2018, because he’ll bring serious heat on stage with his music and persona!Cosmo Pyke Live in Jakarta