Hundredth Southeast Asia TourHundredth Are Ready to Take Over Southeast Asia with Upcoming Tour

Rock unit hailing from US, Hundredth are reportedly going to Southeast Asia for their upcoming tour. They have released four length albums with their latest “RARE” awarded as one of Stereogum’s Best Albums of 2017.  To commemorate one year anniversary of their fourth record, they have created a remixed version of 7 tracks on “RARE” and gave “Ultrarare” as the title. Different from the sounds that are presented in “RARE”, “Ultrarare” infuses the elements of dream pop by using lots of reverbs and synth as the layers. Hundredth started off as a hardcore rock band before deciding to create a total change for their 2017 record. They were at a crossroad as a musical unit and in desperate need for change, and thus “RARE” was born.

To further promote their new album as well as its new version, Hundredth embark on a tour across Southeast Asia with Jakarta as their first stop. From August 16th to 19th, Chadwick Johnson (vocal, guitar), Alex Blackwell IV (guitar, backing vocal), Andrew Minervini (bass), and Lee Hutchison (drum) will visit four countries which are Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, and Philippines. Scheduled to perform at Rossi Musik Fatmawati, the band will fly to Kuala Lumpur the next day to perform at Live Fact. The venues for Singapore and Philippines haven’t been announced yet, so we’ll have to stay tuned to the band’s social media feed. Hailing from South Carolina, Hundredth aims to prove to the world that their sounds and crafts will keep evolving from time to time. “Ultrarare” is just another example on their newfound love for other genres besides the music they have done in their early years.Hundredth Southeast Asia Tour“The production of ‘RARE’ was very focused— It was based around big, reverby guitars and driving drums. I was listening back one day to the album and felt like some of the the songs could be reinterpreted and take on a whole new vibe. I started toying around on a couple of the songs using synths instead of guitars and the songs went to a completely different place. ‘RARE’ is a rush. ‘Ultrarare’ is the comedown,” explained Johnson on the press release we received. Both records of “RARE” and “Ultrarare” are available on digital streaming services via Hopeless Records.