Sugiarto Irine Besok-Besok SinglePeaceful Day with Sugiarto Irine’s Mini Album “Altokumulus Kelabu”

A while ago you might remember her for a single called “Besok-Besok”. Now soloist and singer-songwriter, Sugiarto Irine returns with a mini album titled “Altokumulus Kelabu”. The singer who now resides in Samarinda has worked on this album for quite a while after she officially debuted a year ago. The mini album acts as a form of gratitude towards those who have appreciated and supported her music. The album contains four songs with two singles she has released previously. Just like we mentioned earlier, “Besok-Besok” which was released in February talks about concern of the hope in the future. “Altokumulus Kelabu” which was released in April talks about beautiful clouds in the sky to help you relax. Other two songs are called “Samar dan Asam” which talks about the disappointment someone has over another person who doesn’t appreciate the effort put into them; and “Permata Untuk Raja” talks about anger.

Sugiarto Irine Altokumulus Kelabu Mini Album The album was recorded at Widi Studio with the help of Samarinda’s musicians like Muhammad Ranaldi Yamin (Murphy Radio, Yono Eliani, Rima Hari Senin) on bass, Dennis Berhan (Dennis Berhan Trio, Yono Eliani) on guitar, Johan Bagus Triwidodo (Presiden Sikat Gigi) on keyboard, Wijaya Prambudi (Wijaya Prambudi Project, Yono Eliani) on drum and Fadli who played the flute on one of the song in this album. Alfian Meidianoor and Fahmi worked together to create the artwork and illustrations in this album. Sugiarto Irine has held a mini showcase to launch this album back in 20 June 2018 and is currently holding a tour across Borneo and hopefully Java soon. Her album can be listened on its physical format and you can purchase it when you attend her scheduled showcase in Jakarta. Check out more information about it on her Instagram @irinesugiarto for her upcoming shows.