JUrassic World Fallen Kingdom ReviewReview: Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom Serves Disappointing Plot

Jurassic Park franchise has been able to stay in power for over a decade, after the first original trilogy were launched in the 90’s. This longevity and well-produced trilogy prove to be a tough burden for its successors. The fourth film as well as the first one being made after the trilogy “Jurassic World” managed to fulfill the nostalgia back in 2015. The fifth installment called “Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom” seemed to fall short from our expectation. The fourth movie saw the Jurassic Park located at Isla Nubar on Caribbean Ocean worked just fine after 10 years. Then the developers had the ideas to clone more dinosaurs to attract visitors, only to let them break loose and wreak havoc. The fifth continued right where the last movie left off. Fallen Kingdom saw the aftermath of the catastrophe happening at Isla Nubar. The dinosaurs which were free to roam around the island met a disastrous fate when the volcano was about to erupt. Claire (Bryce Dallas Howard) didn’t want to see these creatures go extinct, so she was determined to save them from the eruption which was predicted to diminish all the life forms on the island.

JUrassic World Fallen Kingdom Review
Owen (Chris Pratt)

Owen (Chris Pratt) returned once again to assist Claire on her suicide mission. As they raced against time with an almost impossible mission, their good intentions were used by criminals who want to sell these dinosaurs on illegal trade. The 129-minutes long film also saw the return of old roles like Ian Malcolm (Jeff Goldblum) and Dr. Henry Wu (B.D. Wong) who appeared on previous edition. The conflict on this movie directed by J.A. Bayona was predictable enough. It felt like the scriptwriter didn’t find the time to make it more believable or exciting, to the point that dinosaurs do not become the main attraction anymore. On the other hand, Fallen Kingdom presents action scenes which could pump up your adrenaline. The premise of this Jurassic World trilogy remind us a lot of “Planet of The Apes” saga. Will dinosaurs go extinct once and for all? Or will this creature be able to find a new habitat? “Jurasic World: Fallen Kingdom” is now being played on theaters across Indonesia.

Reviewer: Bonifasius Eiji/Editor: Novita Widia