Roschell Sense SingleLet’s Chill to “Sense”, A Debut Single by Roschell

Breakbot, Yung Bae, Night Tempo, or Flamingosis help to bring the citypop and disco wave back into the mainstream. Legendary musicians from Japan like Mariya Takeuchi or Anri lamented this genre with their everlasting songs.  The resurrection of city pop spreads across the globe and within the last five years we’ve seen bands emerged with this genre and one of the latest is Roschell. Hailing from Surabaya, Roschell are comprised of a pair of musicians named Wira and Tassya. Together they created their debut single called “Sense” which screams 80’s dancefloor. Wira who’s in charge of playing sequencer, bass, and synth bass gained the retro sound in this single with 70’s and 80’s music as an inspiration. While Tassya gives the modern touch in this single through her set of vocals. “Sense” is a mid tempo electro pop song with disco beats as its base, synths, guitars, and layers of vocals were then added to complete the track.

There are still few improvements that could be made like giving the vocals a little bit depth so it doesn’t feel flat. Nonetheless, the song is the one to go to for a laid-back occasion like chilling at a house party with barbecue on the poolside. As the visualization of the song suggests, it can also be listened during a night drive session. In conjunction with this single release, Roschell also introduce the listeners to their live session project called Before Midnight Session. Uploaded onto the band’s Youtube channel, it acts as a Do-It-Yourself project platform for these newcomers. On the first edition, Roschell choose to sing MGMT’s song “Electric Feel”. They plan to release an EP as a start hopefully soon. Check out their debut song “Sense” below. Give them a shoutout on their social media on on Instagram.