Interview with SunmantraListen to Sunmantra Remix of Seek Six Sick for “Anti Macho Rockstar”

Jojo, Fritz and Barhel from techno trio, Sunmantra, have unveiled their remix  for “Anti Macho Rockstar”, a song by Yogyakarta’s noise band, Seek Six Sick. The bizzare thing was they took the sample out of the original recording from Youtube. They then remixed it by adding few instruments, scrapping some parts, and multiply some parts until it becomes a repetition. The result is an experimental techno number with disco flair that might be your new anthem for zoning out in a club. There’s an echoing and delay effect used on the phrase “Anti macho rockstar” on the song. This single feels like an entirely new song with a different kind of vibe. If the original sounds very much like a noise rock composition, Sunmantra managed to give this song a new life. The snares and medium guitar riffs, make this song fit for a whole runway show that might belong to Comme Des Garcons, Off-White, or Yeezy Collection. With all due respect to the original legend who made this song, the remix version might attract the younger audience.

Sunmantra Remix Seek Six Sick Anti Macho RockstarThe fast paced is said to be suitable for those who are anti social. According to a liner notes written by Aditya Permana, this is the kind of music presented for the apathetic and depressed souls. Welp, things might have escalated quickly on the description box of the song. But one thing for sure, those who might not enjoy this kind of music on daily basis might find it tolerable. It’s like when Todd Terje first did a crossover into mainstream appeal. “Anti Macho Rockstar” Remix by Sunmantra is available to be downloaded and streamed for free at Yes No Wave Music. Paired with dark artwork, the remix from Sunmantra appeals both eyes and ears. Dear Satan, play this music on our way to hell please.