Spasial Indonesian Dance Theater at SaliharaIndonesian Dance Theater Performed A Bold Number on “Spasial”, A Dialog Between Space and Body

JAKARTA (5/21) – A theatrical dance number was performed once again upon the stage at Komunitas Salihara last May by Indonesian Dance Theater. Titled “Spasial”, the dance exposed a relation between bodies and spaces. The dancers were clad in moss green, grey, and black ensemble. Their clothes were casual, combining both tight and loose fabrics to better help them to translate movements into beautifully choreographed number created by Josh Marcy. Josh Marcy is a dancer and choreographer who began his career in 2007 with hip hop dance. In “Spasial”, it was stated that space and body were integrated and correlate within one another. The existence of space becomes meaningful and dynamic with the bodies in it. It was executed through various bold movements from the dancers, they danced in circles, in pairs, and in groups showing the process of integration between those two elements.

Spasial Indonesian Dance Theater at SaliharaThis work also explored the space within the bodies itself and how the body could produce big movements and challenging postures, if the owners are capable enough to utilize it. We saw various theatrical moves, with the dancers being tossed up in the air. It was the combination of contemporary dance, ballet, as well as theaters. “Spasial” was performed by four dancers namely Alisa Soelaeman, Nudiandra Sarasvati, Ari Prajanegara and Irfan Setiawan who are all participated under Indonesian Dance Theater. Even though we could not hear any dialogues, the dances felt like a dialog between the dancers. It also acted as a perspective and journey for both the spectators and performers. We were in awe throughout the show and hoped to see Josh Marcy inserted his hip hop dance roots as well for his next choreography. The show was supported by Jawa Pos and Bakti Budaya Djarum Foundation.Spasial Indonesian Dance Theater at Salihara

Reporter: Intan Maharani/Editor: Novita Widia
Photos : Komunitas Salihara/Witjak Widhi Cahya