The Kuda Vague Split EPThe Punks Are United with A Split EP from The Kuda and Vague

We think that this kind of crossover would only happen once in a blue moon, but The Kuda and Vague made it come true with the release of their split EP. The Kuda is a punk unit hailing from Bogor who have released several EPs and compilation album. They are no stranger with split releases as they have put out a split EP with foreign punk bands from Chile and France. While Vague is a post- hardcore/punk outfit from Jakarta comprised of Yudhis (vocal, guitar), Gary (bass), and Jan (drum). They have released an LP, an EP, and a split album from 2014 until now. Together they released their joint collaboration in the form of CD via Royal Yawns on 28 May 2018. Titled officially as “The Kuda/Vague”, it has five tracks in total. Vague participate with two songs called “Angan//Ingin” and “Elsewhere//Somewhere”. The Kuda unveil three songs which are “Mabuk Kepayang”, “Buitenzorg” and “Balada Peperangan”.

The Kuda Vague Split EP
The Kuda

All the songs in this EP have never been release beforehand. The artwork and overall visual for this album was overseen by Mufti Priyanka a.k.a Amenkcoy. He also lent his voice to be features as spoken words on a song in this album. Starting off with similar musical roots, the two bands offer two different perspectives in this album. The Kuda talk about social issues with punk rock guitar riffs and more experiments on the guitar part. Vague present introspective theme with fast paced hardcore/punk melodies using trumpet as an experiment on one of the track. The Kuda stay true to their style by releasing short songs in this album. Their sounds match well but also stand out on their very own. The CD can be obtained online with the order through Royal Yawns’ website. Later on it will also be available on your nearest record stores. Meanwhile, enjoy a free track from The Kuda below and also a track from Vague which will be released on their Soundcloud on 8 June 2018.

The Kuda Vague Split EP