AUGUST 08 FATHER EPAUGUST 08 Depicts His Personal Matter through Debut EP “FATHER”

Growing up without one of your parent is a hard thing to imagine, especially if that figure should have played an important part in your life. Newest signee from 88Rising, AUGUST 08 knows that feeling very well since he experienced it first hand. Music becomes a sanctuary, a some sort of medium to convey his inner feelings when growing up. Born and raised in Los Angeles, AUGUST 08 whose real name is August Grant has build a career as a songwriter and producer over the years. His name was credited as a man behind hit songs like DJ Khaled’s #1 hit “I’m The One” featuring Justin Bieber, Quavo, Chance The Rapper and Lil Wayne and many more. He also makes an appearance on labelmate Rich Brian’s single “Arizona”. He transitioned into a performing artist who release his music under 88rising and Red Bull Records. His debut EP “FATHER” is a testament of AUGUST 08’s long struggle on turning a passion into something that could pay the bills.


He resurrects buried emotions and suppressed memories of personal matters into a powerful body of work. On “FATHER” EP, you can find two singles “Funeral” and “Lately” which were released on February and April respectively. There are 8 songs in total within this EP that could be listened on digital platforms. His works are a portrayal of his life after reaching the age of 11. Back then, his father decided to leave his family behind leaving little August turn to music as a medium to channel his feelings. Our favorite in this album include “Separate Ways”, “Funeral” as well as “Father Issues”. You could feel his vulnerability but also strength through this music. “FATHER” EP is available to be streamed on Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes, Google Play Music and many more. Kindly follow his social media on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook for latest updates on this talented singer and songwriter.