Murphy Radio Won Planetrox 2018Murphy Radio Won Planetrox Indonesia 2018 & Will Fly to Canada!

JAKARTA – Murphy Radio keep on making and setting the record high for an indie band, that we have nothing but a congratulatory message for this band. The math-rock band hailing from Samarinda, Borneo was just announced as a winner from a competition called Planetrox Indonesia 2018. The band audition which was simultaneously held in other countries like United States, France, Canada, UK, Germany, Mexico, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Japan, China and also Indonesia searches for the freshest talent across the globe. The winner will later on get worldwide exposure by performing at an annual music festival called Evol et Macadam which is held in Montreal, Canada on September. Murphy Radio made it to top 5 and won the crown, as the band defeated other four acts namely The Badminton, S.A.M Site, Kraken and Stereowall.

This amazing feat from the band fronted by Wendra (guitar), Aldi Yamin (bass), and Amrullah Muhammad (drum) will likely to get better if they also manage to win another competition called Siasat Partikelir. In the meantime, they have made it to top 25 round along with other talents whose genre vary from pop, folk, rock and many more. They came to Jakarta as the only act from outside of Java with lots of setbacks. They were in the middle of recording their debut album, so it was a gambling to attend the final live audition. With the scoring system that included 75% assessment from judges (Ezra Simanjuntak, PJ Panji and Simon Gaudry) and 25% scores from the audience, Murphy Radio received the highest score in total. This proves that Indonesian talents are abundant, we have to shift our focus from Jakarta to find a gem like this band. If you’re curious about them, take a look at their music video for “Sports Between Trenches” here. Follow them on social media @murphyradio for the latest updates.