Remissa Tegangan Tinggi AlbumGrunge Band Remissa Deliver Their Newest Album “Tegangan Tinggi”

April can be said as the most productive month for grunge outfit hailing from Malang, Remissa. On 27th April 2018, the band went on tour to Central Java as well as releasing their second album “Tegangan Tinggi” at the oldest recording company in Indonesia which is in Lokananta, Solo. Released in CD format via Srawung Recoords, this band once again take a jab on current social political situation as the main issue on the album. It is stated that we should believe anyone, except those who proclaim themselves as politicians. Remissa also do not miss out issues like environmental degradation, tyrants, practical politics among many others. Those topics are sadly still relevant to talk about these days and the rising political tension before presidential election make the situation even worse. Through “Tegangan Tinggi”, Remissa aim to shed a light on what is actually wrong with this society. We have to be aware to everything that is happening around us and start to change the habit of blaming, and begin to work on the issues that matter the most.

On their opening track called “1-“ which you can also hear on its digital format is said to represent the whole sound of this album. It talks about those on power with a rather cheerful and upbeat grunge arrangement. The difference between their first and second album lays on the use of heavy distortion, rapid drums, and the infusion of alternative rock and blues rock into their grunge roots. A slew of Malang’s local musicians also took part in making this album even more worthwhile. You could find Gus Dakar, Sabiella Maris (Closure), Melody Latief (Marigold) and Devina Abigail on some tracks in this album. Folk soloist, Iksan Skuter also acted as a producer for this album. The whole album was recorded, mixed and mastered by Rizky Toar and Rizqysany at Audiolectica Studio. They went on tour to several spots across East and Central Java in the past few weeks in order to promote this album. If you’re interested in purchasing “Tegangan Tinggi”, order it through Santoso Nugroho on 081217530949.